12th Feb 2006, 11:42

Pro: Smooth auto-shifting, auto downshift on downhill roads (good @ genting highlands), no-floating at 130km/h, good handling at corners.

Cons: High fc in KL city driving (10km/l, RM50 for 250km only), slow pickup (low power below 2k rpm?)

P/s: My gen2 1.3A front speakers no sound, are the front speakers included?

19th Feb 2006, 22:19

Wow! This car has all four disk brakes.

4th Apr 2006, 03:12

Yes i have a one Gen 2 1.3 recently. I have the one problem of my EMS (Engine Managment System).During acc. done no respone while fully press the acc. pedal.many time occur.

It's normal or not.

16th May 2006, 02:26

Saw a chilly red gen 2 1.3 with skirting and sport rims. Looks great (like a Ferrari).

18th Apr 2007, 20:33

Why have proton's cars still not improved in quality and get blamed by their customers. I think this is due to poor management by Proton. The Proton management only crazy thinking to make profit, but left out the quality which give us bad impact and make us suffer then.

But in reality majority cars on the road nowadays are local made cars. So Proton should be grateful and thankful to their customers. I hope improvement will achieved.

23rd Apr 2007, 03:51

There is nothing you should hope to get their quality improved. Proton facing quality problem not only happen today, it was started since the company in operation 22 years ago. If they are good listener, then Proton will beat many competitors such as Perodua, Naza or even stop Toyota from coming in. This is a junk company, it is just a fat hope.

24th Apr 2007, 22:39

Proton has used the protection given by the government in order to flood the market with over priced, under engineered and unsafe cars.

And now there is talk of scrapping cars over 15 years old and compelling consumers to buy local cars.

Again Proton benefits, through no effort made in marketing or improvement in build quality. Just run to the government for more protection. Ask any Proton owner and he will tell horror stories of the power window that never works and the unidentifiable squeaks and rattles that seem to increase with time, starting from the moment you drive your car out of the show room.

Clothed in the thinnest coat of paint possible, layered with a whiff of anti-rust, and made up of the thinnest metal sheets that bend on touch, this brand name is synonymous with the theme of how NOT to build a vehicle.

The only reason for its success is that all other cars have been priced beyond the reach of the average consumer by excessive import taxes on foreign makes. Where is the incentive for Proton to improve when they can still force consumers to buy their cars?

A good example of how this works is shown in a comparison of the Proton Perdana, which is now priced at about RM 94,000.00 and the new Volvo S40 which is priced at RM180,000.00 (Swedish Marque Price as at 25/4/2007).

How many people are aware that without the unnecessary taxes, the Volvo's selling price would only be around RM 100,000.00?!!!

Both the above cars are similar in price, but can anyone actually compare the quality, comfort and performance of these cars and honestly say the it's the same?

Of both these cars, which do you think will withstand the test of time and age gracefully and which do you think will have gearbox problems inevitably?

It's time to buck up and commit to quality so that consumers will purchase your products even if it's the most expensive one on the market. That should be the aim!

Thus far, Perodua has got its act together and is producing very highly reliable and fuel efficient cars, which only goes to show that cheap cars need not be of low quality.

Therefore, you should take heed and improve on quality before the markets punish you with low sales, a bad reputation and plunging resale value, thus leading again to even lower sales.

4th Jun 2007, 17:48

Proton make cars starting from WAJA/IMPIAN since 2000 (After 15 years). They make their own CAMPRO engines (since 2004, After 20 years). That is good compared to other establish car manufacturers that I know of. I don't think Perodua make their own cars, they look like Daihatsui's to me.

18th May 2009, 22:04

After almost 4 years, the car is still running well, even though I am using it almost everyday. I have got another Proton, the new Proton Saga used by my student daughter for almost a year now. Again no problems.

21st Jul 2009, 06:35

I have been driving this red Gen2 1.3 Auto for a year now. Never encountered any major problem yet except for my own mistake, which caused the oil sump to be damaged. They say the Gen2's oil sump is located too low.

Another problem is the small jerk felt during the first acceleration, while the gear is changing from 1st to the 2nd. But it only happens once.. when you first start the car after few hours of the engine not running. Is this a big problem?

27th Jul 2009, 22:32

Is so good car my mileage over 40000km but the engine still soft... just maintain your service.

15th Nov 2009, 11:29

Overall a good car and value for money. If you are considering a bigger space rather than new blm saga, this is the one for you. Quite economical to run also. Highway cruising at 120kmh only costs you 6.5l for 100km. At city driving about 8.5l/100km stop and go traffic. Only few things lets this car down such as central lock failure and power windows. Overall OK.

4th Apr 2011, 06:53

I am the original owner of the Gen 2 (A) since 2005. Never missed a beat, and no problems at all. Only just changed my original steel rims to alloys... looks quite nice.