18th Apr 2007, 14:01

Hello all, I am Egyptian, and I want you all to wish me luck with my gen 2, I will receive it after 3 days, after all what I read about this car I realised that this car is an excellent car for speed lovers, its stylish, fast, safe and price convenient. I want to encourage more people to buy it (even though I love the fact that its unique and don't want it to spread around the streets), but anyways for those of you who read this and are hesitated to get the car, please go ahead and buy it, I asked a lot of people who own it and they say it's a trouble free car... good luck all and wish me luck with my new GEN2 :)

26th Apr 2007, 04:28

Gen 2 - Manual, nice car, but what about the Brakes???

It has ABS, but I have to break quit hard. It gets the job done, but is there any other Gen 2 owners noticing this?

Driving in Egypt, the brakes are very important!

Any comment would be helpful...

7th Jul 2007, 12:33

I have owned Gen2 1.3A for 1 year+ now. At first, I was quite disappointed about the pickup: sluggish. But after 10,000 km, the pickup improved. A/C bit noisy, but no problem so far. Highway driving is very satisfying. It is so stable even at 130~140 km/h. Fuel consumption: town 9~10 l/100km and hiway 6~7 l/100km. So far, have not needed to send for tyre alignment or balancing. Some rattling noise at the back seat, but easily rectified by putting insulation tape at the hook catch of the back seat. A/C switch feels cheap, but acceptable to me. Power window so far so good. I drive this car every day to work and on some weekends. Has broken down once because of battery leaking, but replaced FOC (under warranty). Other than that, no problem. This is from my own experience.

Yes, I read many negative comments, but I think most of them are opinion and I also read negative comments from other car owners who own Ford or Opel about their cars too. So do your homework; after all it's your money.

13th Jul 2007, 16:23

Hi all,

I am seriously thinking of a GEN2 car and I tried to sit in it for a test, but I did not drive it..

The plastics do feel a little cheap, but I really like the car, so if this is the only negative aspect I think I can manage bearing this negative point..

But I really need anyone's experience with the car and could he/she tell me if the Mitsubishi lancer is better or not?...

Thanks 4 everything...

13th Jul 2007, 18:48

Hi all, I'm from Egypt.

I really like this car, and I want to buy it, but what about the spare parts?

Are they available out of the dealer???

Notice : I'm from alex !!

23rd Jul 2007, 15:04

Hi, I own Gen2 1.3A. I do not agree with comments that engine noisy. I think the owner never "run in" their Gen2 engine properly during "run in" period. I never ramp my engine high during this period (0 - 5000 km) and after 2 oil change. As a result, my engine sound is smooth. This tips was given by my father. My previous car also had been "run in" properly. For my Gen2, I extended the "run in" to about 8000km because CamPro engine is a bit tight compared to my previous car. Overall, I'm satisfied with the engine performance especially high-end.

31st Jul 2007, 13:20

Hi, I'm from Singapore. Plan to buy the Gen 2 reel soon.

Heard mix comments, but overall I think I'm gonna go for it. Any owners I can contact here??? need personal advice.

9th Aug 2007, 11:00

I'm from Malaysia and I owned Proton Gen2 1.3AT. I did encountered problems such as noises at the back of the car, but quickly fixed by the Proton Service Centre. When I reached 30000km, I modified the exhaust system to get extra acceleration and it works, eventhough sometimes the acceleration feels sluggish too, due to the automatic transmission itself (i guess?). I lowered the car a bit, but still using the same 15" wheels and it became more stable when I accelerate (i reached 200 km/h). Since then, I feel so satisfied with my Gen2 because everytime I press the accelerator, the car seems want to fly and the vibration of the engine feels like a true sport car. Well, I did check the vibration and nothing wrong with it because some people said the engine is overpowered.

25th Apr 2008, 07:06

Hey guys, I've been going through your comments and I must say everyone has been quite optimistic. Feels good to own a gen2, just bought it 2 days ago and its fantastic. I am driving the 1.3 AT, and so far acceleration was not great but other people I know said it improves after 5000KM. Air conditioning and interior is great, despite the plastic problem inside..haha..but overall it's a good buy, and worth the price. Thumbs up!

14th Sep 2008, 05:19

Dear Gen 2 owners, I would like to thank you for all the great useful comments on the Gen 2.

I was hesitating to buy it, but after I have read all your comments carefully, I found the Gen 2 worth the money.

But if we are all able to contact each other to share our experience with the Gen 2, to see any modifications, spare parts, maintenance styling to be done with the car.

Thanks Gen2 Lovers

Ali Radwan 010 3320011.

19th Sep 2008, 22:32

I want to know if the new Gen 2 is available in Egypt or not yet?! I don't want to buy the Gen 2 now, and then after a few months I find the new one released, and by then I will lose a lot of money.