1997 Proton Putra 1.8 4G93 from Malaysia


A total beast


Nothing apart from the clutch pedal snapped during a long trip, but it's acceptable since my dad has been using the car for 19 years.

General Comments:

Provides great performance. The rarity of the car added more "stylishness" upon the name Putra; best car Proton have ever produced.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2016

1997 Proton Putra 1.8 DOHC Naturally Aspirated from Malaysia


You'd forget how bad it is when you're outside the car


Temperature seems to risen when the A/C isn't turned on.

Both windows have problems with closing properly straight up.

Water have entered in the floor under the door.

The lack of the rear wiper is just so wrong in all kinds of ways.

General Comments:

Love the sporty looks.

The handling is satisfying.

The seats are comfortable.

The brake pedal is just too near the accelerator.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2010

22nd Apr 2010, 21:59

The temp probably rises because the A/C is on a separate belt, and therefore drives a second thermo fan.

1997 Proton Putra EXi 1.8NA from Malaysia


Not bad at all


The c.o. mixture was found to be too rich, easily solved by a competent mechanic!

Some squeaks from the suspension when the weather's cold.. but this stopped when the car clocked +30,000km.. I think.

Never liked the 4-spoke steering wheel, so I replaced the wheel with a sportier 3-spoke Momo!

The interior is neat but far from plush.. lots of plastic, standard Recaro buckets match well with the car's lines though.

The engine, 4G93.. a tough gem, pulls 7000rpm without problems.

The back-box (muffler) had to be replaced in less than 2 years.

General Comments:

It's a good car, faster than most in its class, in the same mold of the older Ford Laser TX3.

Pretty reliable engine & gearbox. Yes gearbox.. the ratios are my favourite aspect of this car, perfectly sorted to match the engine.

Build quality is average with so much plastic.

Handling is.. acceptable with medium understeer in tight corners. Beware of fish-tailing when braking hard downhill, the rear can bite! This can be lessened with some toe-in at rear.

It's a budget sporty coupe&good bang-for-the-buck. Too bad it's out of production. I'm still keeping it despite many offers.. so I suppose I like it!

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Review Date: 21st December, 2008

1997 Proton Putra from Australia and New Zealand


A complete waste of time


This car is a joke. It is weaker than the Perdana, but more expensive than the Waja. The Waja will take its place in the market.

It is meant to be a sport car, but it looks like two different Mitsubishi models sandwiched into one.

The 2 door design is meant to give it a sporty look, but its engine is lack of power.

No airbag too.

General Comments:

This car was designed to be a sport coupe, but it looks just like the Wira except the rear looks like a Lancer.

A complete waste of time.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2002

23rd Dec 2002, 04:41

For your info, the proton putra is actually known as the Mitsubishi Mirage Asti. Only the front portion of the car had been changed i. e Front fenders, bonnet, bumper, head light and signal lamp.

3rd Jan 2003, 12:34

Little do you critics know the Proton Putra/M21 coupe has got the same engine as seen in the Proton Satria GTI. The coupe has the lancer rear end and lancer front quarter panels. Proton only came up with the design of the grille and bonnet, let that be food for thought. Its not a complete waste of time for the extras of rear 4 wheel discs equiped with ABS. drivers airbag, recaros, and electric mirrors and windows not to mention central locking makes it worth while to own. Its better than its previous form of the cc lancer stock! Really the GTI is a waste of time your paying double the amount and your getting the same car, but hatch, big deal! The GTI lotus handling is bull for if measured the suspension is just lowered with hardened springs part numbers on shocks are the same as the Putra.