28th Jun 2004, 13:36

Waste of time... Now the MGTF is a waste of time. I've just bought a Proton Coupe Evolution (Putra) (I think the Evo is only available in the UK) to replace my TF which was rubbish. I've had all sorts Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar (I've kept that), MGs, Rovers and I've now got 2 Proton Coupes, one is a 1999 standard coupe and the other is a 2001 EVO. OK they are rough and ready, but they are dependable, just as quick as the MG, more reliable, better built, hard wearing and the dealers care. Only problem... handling in the wet (this is the UK after all)

John R.

10th Jan 2006, 01:07

Indeed, little did some of you know about PROTON PUTRA, isn’t it? May it one of the familiar copycats from selected model of Mitsubishi cars. I rather don’t border about what makes PROTON come out with such a design and model, but it surely meets its purpose… to learn, to make and to sell. Compared to Korea and Japan… Malaysia is a developing country and may not good in creating and producing cars because as we all should know, each country do have it’s own internal problems like, people’s attitude. Whatever tax or law imposed by the government is with certain purposes. Look, it is not easy to run a country and each country comes with different ethnics and customs and so do the people’s characteristics.

What is it wrong about PUTRA? It’s just a car cost about RM74, 000 OTR… it sounds expensive, but I read that some of you said, “Why in Malaysia there is tons of proton car? Because it’s cheap!” Well, you eat your own words, did you? If you want to get optimum performance, get a mechanics to do the works for you!

I first got myself a remarkable Mini cooper 1.6, which my dad spends 15K on it to be resurrected. Then after college, got myself Toyota SEG 1.6 1998 model… cool though. I met with a major accident and then switch to PUTRA 1.8 standard and brand new. Friends bring in ideas and such, I did some standard modification such as replacing it’s standard parts with super touring double plate clutch, lightened the fly wheel, installed the custom injection kit, custom converter, racing crank shaft, port & polish, Rally Art chassis stabilizer set, Hot bits Adjustable, exhaust & breathing system and Apexi airflow control kit… the rest remain standard includes the rims… tires, I bought Yokohama Neova. It took me 3 years to complete all these changes and it works well. Malaysian road indeed disappointing and the attitude of Malaysian drivers are also like small kids who just got their 1st go-kart. There is just limited room to speed and if you do, you’ll crash yourself, on others or others on you. Me, in the other hand, I would check the situation then I will smoke anyone who tailed too close or simply looking for trouble. Toyota, Honda V-tech, Mitsubishi Evolution or even Imprezza doesn’t matter. It is the guts that count. Year 2003, I sold my beloved PUTRA to a friend and it still shines till today, only with much bigger 17 inch REZO rims! Now, I got myself a new Savvy… Going to work, I drove my VOLVO S40…. Better than Mercedes, but would watch out for Beamers… they do still smoke anyone sometimes especially the 328 and 535!

What I mean here is, there is nothing wrong with PROTON cars and if you happen to own one or just always laughing at it, it is yourself that’s pathetic because you never learn to respecting other’s efforts and struggles. If you are in their shoes, you will know how it feels to be humiliated.

10th Oct 2006, 07:12

Yes mate, brag2 about how great was your modded Putra. The thing is we are talking about stock cars... not modded cars.. your're in the wrong crowd mate!!

25th Nov 2006, 05:16

Well well... if the M21 is lousy, professional drivers won't race it or be featured in 'car&car conversions' mag!!!

You critics... are you pro drivers who can drive or in-the-know???

Anyway...since its actually a Mitsubishi Mirage Coupe&a proven 4G93 powerhouse... you guys are saying the Japanese are no good???

I've never heard from track drivers or privateer track-day petrol-heads that it's a bad car!!! And of course I trust their judgement!!!

I send this NOT to 'talk' to you people... but to just give justice to a car that is well-received by real drivers. GoodBye... Good Mornin, the track is very far from your place, it's a long walk...

11th Dec 2006, 07:26

Proton putra is a good cars, nice and fast.

14th Feb 2007, 19:26

The Proton Putra/Satria GTi/Wira 1.8 (M) DOHC shares the SAME engine: Mitsubishi 4G93. Depending on your budget& expectation, I think its reasonably powerful for normal use. Reaching 200km/h without difficulty and 0-100km in 9 sec. flat is OK for the price. You get what you paid for man! We are not talking about B16B, Silvia or Celica. BUT I still feel Proton should and could have improved on quality eg: the seat, body anti-rust, windows, absorbers, airbags & other cosmetics. It won't cost Proton much given the facilities & support from the Govt. The Wira 1.8 (M) DOHC is still my choice, but its hard to see one in tip-top condition due to abuse and also Proton produced only 2,500 units.

7th Mar 2010, 10:12

Who said waste of time???

I'm using a Proton coupe aka Proton Putra 97. The Putra actually based on the Mitsubishi Mirage Asti 95. 97 chassis 100% Mitsubishi. Other part also from Mitsubishi except front facelift/bodypart.

For your info, my Putra already beats BMW 318 & 320, Honda Accord 2.0 and many cars between 1.8 & 2.0. I think my Putra is better than your car if you're also between 1.8 & 2.0.

28th Dec 2010, 02:45

Not so worst... but a waste is waste... done a lot to my coupe M21... and yes it can beat h20 after several engine changes...