2009 Proton Saga 1.3 CPS from Malaysia


The Proton has achieved an acceptable standards, but is still way behind any common manufacturer


-> WTF type door knob. Can pull out, but not pull up, which will lockup the mechanism. Up to this point, it has fooled everyone who has been given a chance to ride in it.

-> Terribly designed remote control. A 1995 Saga remote control has better design as my alarm was accidentally triggered all the time as the rental car keychain press the embossed unlock and alarm button.

-> CPS came a bit too late, this technology was dated like the 1990s when Toyota produced its first VVT (Variable Valve Timing).

-> Crazy road noise when driving at 110km/h. I have to pump the radio volume to 17 in order to listen to it clearly

-> Rattling side mirror's mirror when driving above 100km/h.

-> Weird Clarion radio in the car. My hits FM can turn into some Malay FM when I switch on. And the preset memory also somehow altered when you recall back.

-> Not so sure about other owner, as my car is a rental car. They swap my car pretty often, I realised driver side fog lamp are cracked on both saga with consistent pattern.

-> Wobbly ride which can cause drowsiness to new riders. Most passengers I've carried feel discomfort after arriving at the destination after a 110km/h ride on the highway. Could be my mistake too.

General Comments:

Comments are listed here are good.

-> Car is much more better than the previous model.

-> Not bad as it can reach 140km/h and more.

-> Alright fuel consumption 11 km/ltr or 8 ltr/100km, but this kind of figure is dated for cars produced in 2005.

-> Good power delivery if you drive gently. I drive half pedal most of the time, and enjoy the CPS kick in at 3100rpm.

-> Very intelligent air conditioning duct where it can rotate 360 degree spraying any angle, which is considered a blind spot to regular car (Considered 5 star design over imported vehicles)

-> Despite public comments on the car understeer traits, I can take a 60km/h corners at 85km/h. Readers please be careful as the car can really slips one side when driving over cracked roads or small potholes.

-> Cheras to Sungai Buloh via Parliament and NKVE. 20 minutes @ avg 120km/h. This record was performed at 12am in the morning without really altering the fuel consumption rating stated above on next refill.

Overall verdict

The car is a everyday drivable car, I can overtake above average traffic without pedal more than half (zone of 3/4 n 2/4) also not changing gear at the same time. For a national car, it also has generous air conditioning, which is sufficient to cool down the passengers and drivers with their honeycomb duct air conditioning. I frankly said the car has improved ever since I rode in the first Proton Saga that had a cross wiper issue back when I was a child.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2010

25th May 2011, 08:58

For your info, this car don't have CPS in its engine.

2009 Proton Saga BLM 1.3 petrol from Malaysia




Front left wheel pulling to the left.

5th gear difficult to shift.

Reverse gear always makes a noise when engaging.

Vibration to the steering wheel, accelerator, gear lever.

General Comments:

First, had problems with alignment. Sent to service center. They used my spare tyre to replace the faulty front left tyre. Now I have a faulty spare tyre.

Second incident, 5th gear not smooth to engage. Sent to service center again, they told me it was normal, the design is such. Basically telling me to live with it.

Thirdly, vibration. From the steering wheel, gear lever, throttle. Sent to service center again... told me the same thing... design is such.

Can someone tell me what to do, as I think I've got a defective Proton in my hands. I want a replacement, better still, my money back. Never buy a Proton. In Australia, they are selling it for AUD11,990. The cheapest new car in Australia. It's called S16. 2 SRS airbags. 1.6 (M). How can Proton sell its car for so cheap in Australia and provide the best features, but in Malaysia, we get all the rejects for a much higher price. You get a better quality, cheaper Proton overseas than in your own country. What a rip off!

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Review Date: 6th February, 2010

20th Jun 2011, 21:57

No matter what they try to do, Proton cars will always be of low quality. Buy one and you'll regret it.