2009 Proton Saga BLM 1.3 IAFM Campro from Malaysia




I've owned this car for almost 3 years, and there are no serious problems with the car.

My concern is the spare part prices. It's quite expensive for a local car, and the reliability of the parts is not very good as well.

I had to change a fan, fan belt, and thermostat. It cost me almost RM2000 excluding the engine oil, and also the engine sound is very noisy. I always bring my car to a Proton Service Center, and I asked the mechanic about that clicking noise, and they said it's normal because of the Campro engine.

General Comments:

Overall the car is good, apart from the build quality; almost all the trims in the car are plastic, and the steering feels like it's covered in plastic as well; it felt slippery.

But the handling is good, I've never changed the shock absorbers since I bought it, compared to my previous Perodua Viva, where I changed the absorbers twice. But the fuel consumption is not as good as the Perodua Viva, but I think the fuel consumption is reasonable for an automatic car.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2014

2009 Proton Saga 1.3 CPS from Malaysia


The Proton has achieved an acceptable standards, but is still way behind any common manufacturer


-> WTF type door knob. Can pull out, but not pull up, which will lockup the mechanism. Up to this point, it has fooled everyone who has been given a chance to ride in it.

-> Terribly designed remote control. A 1995 Saga remote control has better design as my alarm was accidentally triggered all the time as the rental car keychain press the embossed unlock and alarm button.

-> CPS came a bit too late, this technology was dated like the 1990s when Toyota produced its first VVT (Variable Valve Timing).

-> Crazy road noise when driving at 110km/h. I have to pump the radio volume to 17 in order to listen to it clearly

-> Rattling side mirror's mirror when driving above 100km/h.

-> Weird Clarion radio in the car. My hits FM can turn into some Malay FM when I switch on. And the preset memory also somehow altered when you recall back.

-> Not so sure about other owner, as my car is a rental car. They swap my car pretty often, I realised driver side fog lamp are cracked on both saga with consistent pattern.

-> Wobbly ride which can cause drowsiness to new riders. Most passengers I've carried feel discomfort after arriving at the destination after a 110km/h ride on the highway. Could be my mistake too.

General Comments:

Comments are listed here are good.

-> Car is much more better than the previous model.

-> Not bad as it can reach 140km/h and more.

-> Alright fuel consumption 11 km/ltr or 8 ltr/100km, but this kind of figure is dated for cars produced in 2005.

-> Good power delivery if you drive gently. I drive half pedal most of the time, and enjoy the CPS kick in at 3100rpm.

-> Very intelligent air conditioning duct where it can rotate 360 degree spraying any angle, which is considered a blind spot to regular car (Considered 5 star design over imported vehicles)

-> Despite public comments on the car understeer traits, I can take a 60km/h corners at 85km/h. Readers please be careful as the car can really slips one side when driving over cracked roads or small potholes.

-> Cheras to Sungai Buloh via Parliament and NKVE. 20 minutes @ avg 120km/h. This record was performed at 12am in the morning without really altering the fuel consumption rating stated above on next refill.

Overall verdict

The car is a everyday drivable car, I can overtake above average traffic without pedal more than half (zone of 3/4 n 2/4) also not changing gear at the same time. For a national car, it also has generous air conditioning, which is sufficient to cool down the passengers and drivers with their honeycomb duct air conditioning. I frankly said the car has improved ever since I rode in the first Proton Saga that had a cross wiper issue back when I was a child.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2010

25th May 2011, 08:58

For your info, this car don't have CPS in its engine.