26th Jun 2001, 21:44

I must agree with you guys on this, people being human tend to complain on all sorts of stuff, but if you were to educate them on the pros and cons and show the amazing petrol consumption of this car, they would be more aware of the good side.

As for parts, imagine driving a ZX, still the same money...

27th Jun 2001, 13:21

This car is a sad case. The Tiara is already ugly as it was, but was quite cheap so I couldn't care less about the looks. So I got it. Then I almost broke down and cried within 2 weeks of using it. The air-conditioner was noisy, later on it leaked, then broke down. The brackets for bumper broke. There was a persistent failure with one of the headlights till I sent it back for a check. The dashboard trim is ugly to begin with and it rattles over the smaller bumps. Not comfortable and small. The ONLY thing I liked was its performance in relation to its engine size. One wonders whether the assembly line at the manufacturer's is at all monitored to avoid unnecessary heartache for the consumers.

29th Jul 2001, 16:06

I bought my car last year (second hand).

Before it my friends kept warning me not to buy this car, even the rental car owner warned me about this. But before I made my decision by their opinions, I had already studied the car spec, not from Proton but from Citroen. Citroen only know the detail about the car, but not Proton. Proton only put it's name on and sold it.

The car is very unique to me because of its build and its ability. As we know, humans only know to complain, but before you do that, don't all cars have their weaknesses?

2nd Aug 2001, 01:57

I just bought this car few days, and it was a good car. Normally I work as a foreman, and I check the maintenance is not too high to repair, but remember once you have fix the problem your car could stand long... To me before you start running the engine first in the morning, try to fill water in the radiator every day and don't miss it. And you will drive smoothly and have no problem at all...

All Malaysian people, please do not hesitate to buy the Proton Tiara...

Thank you

Chief foreman EACW Sg Chua KAJANG...

18th Aug 2001, 22:36

I (Paul from Malacca) have been using the Proton Tiara for almost 5 years. All this while I was warned with all kind of bad remarks and comments about the car which was 'branded' as 'a problem car'. But I have always maintained this car and for the past 5 years I have been travelling to and from Terengganu. It was a very very good, smooth, economical and reliable car. Compared to other Iswara and Kancil that really 'shake and tremble' when you exceeds 80 - 100 Kms, this Tiara performs well. I too, as a Tiara owner, would like to proudly advise Malaysians, not to hesitate and be confident with the said model. How can anyone even think,.. or suggest,.. that a car built and innovated by Citroen, by French make, is a 'lousy ' car, does it makes sense...?.. TQ

Paul James


29th Aug 2001, 01:29

I've had my Tiara for 4 years now. When it was brand new, it was really fun. Small car but great handling. Then I didn't maintain it well, skipping oil changes, speeding over pot holes and the likes. Naturally, it took its toll. Everything shakes. After I had an accident (serves me right for not replacing the brake pads), I decided to do a major refurbishing work on the car. Now I'm in love again. I've recently changed my air filters to a sports version to give it the extra swoosh, and put in splitfires for easier starting. I love my Tiara!

11th Sep 2001, 11:49

I have being used my Tiara from April 1997 until now. Through all the years passing by, I didn't have any major problem with my car. Just follow the regular maintainance and the little devil feels like just it left the showroom. In 1996 I was in France and I found that Tiara is based on the model of Citroen AX. There (in France) I can see many of these cars around Paris and other parts of France, there are 2 & 5 doors with sunroof & A/C. That's not installed in the Tiara.

Now I just finished converted my Tiara to the Citroen AX using all the original equipment from the Citroen AX. Till now I have converted 4 of my friends Tiaras to Citroen AXs. I just want to say that I really love my Tiara/Citroen AX.

10th Jun 2002, 20:00

I bought a second-hand tiara a month ago. the air-conditioning is so excellent, I have to wear a sweater during the night! the cabin is roomier and the build is much solid compared to that of other small cars (under 1000 cc). I find that the fuel tops at 37 litres (RM 50 at Ringgit Malaysia 1.32 per litre) which roughly gives me distance of 450 kilometres. The driver's power window, the horn, the fog-light...all are faulty. and why do the manufacturer put a huge clock instead of the usual RPM dial on the driver's panel? Other than that it's a comfortable drive, highway or by way, I look forward to improve it's handling performance and engine efficiency. a slight problem is to get access of compatible parts. Thanks.

5th Sep 2002, 10:02

I've just bought myself a second hand Proton Tiara and after 2 weeks I found that water is leaking inside which I believe cud come from the aircon area. My aircon also faces problem which is not cold and noisy.

During driving around the car engine will suddenly die off and I have to restart again. Would appreciate if I cam get some advise on how I can encounter this problem and also how is the spares because I heard that it is very expensive. Maybe you can advise me where can I find cheap spares.

9th Sep 2002, 10:37

Hi there, I own a '99 Tiara bought at 27K new, after Proton revised the price from 36K, and I have loved it ever since. Sadly the comments heard from the masses are heard every day about it being a lousy and expensive car. Its too bad really that these people are really afraid of the unknown and choose to criticise blindly then to find out about the car. Tiara owners be strong, we all know they are mislead by ignorance.

However during the course of using the car, even a friend of mine using a Sentra admitted to its reliability when we had a trip from KL to Malacca to Kuala Terengganu non stop. His 96 Sentra had to stop every hour to refill his radiator coolant whilst my Tiara was waltzing without a glitch.

My advice to fellow Tiara owners is to follow the 5000km oil change service intervals, beware of "conmen" mechanics who lie in wait to "cut your vegetable head" or so they think. Once bitten twice shy, in Melaka beware of Seng Motor, they are notorious for spoiling something and claiming the car's lousy built and charge exorbitantly. I guess when in doubt return to USPD (they are expensive, but at least they are good in doing the service for Tiara)

I use Sagem Spark Plugs (my buddy uses Beru) and I can say its just fantastic for our Tiara. Do not use SplitFires as I had the nasty experience of those plugs actually splitting in the engine. I am in the process of suing Maxcare for this liability. My superbike's engine was destroyed as a result.

Engine Oil, I use normal MultiGrade (20W-50, API SH) oils as I follow the 5000 km rule strictly and do not have to use Semi Synthethics which I feel is a luxury. Brands I prefer are Pennzoil, Esso and Castrol. With regular servicing and some minor modifications to my exhaust and intake my Tiara zooms to 165km/h at 4500rpm. With that performance even most Wiras find it really hard to cut me. Turbo Kancils rattling all the way can't even keep up for more than 5 minutes before throwing in the white flag and succumb to the Kancils bone shaking 90km/h.

Anyway glad to know there is a forum to share some experience. Any one knows of a Tiara club around?

Jon Malacca.