6th Mar 2003, 07:29

06/03/03 I have being using this Proton Tiara since the December 1999. This car didn't bring me any major problem. The aircond is superb. I just serviced the aircond last week. All the parts are still original. I mean the previous owner haven't repaired it yet. The aircondman was so surprised with the aircond. Only one thing that I am asking any suggestion what I'm suppose to do with the rear wheels. They are not aligned. Am I suppose to change the whole set of the rear axle or just the inner bearings in the rear axle?

Arie A/Setar.

5th May 2003, 01:09

I find the Tiara a good car for its price (especially if bought 2nd hand). Being of continental (Citroen - France) origin, you will find its design is very different from other Proton models. Thus the reason why not many mechanics know how to repair and troubleshoot its problems effectively. Try looking for a Citroen workshop or a Proton Edar workshop (not all Proton Edar workshops know about the Tiara, being a defunct Proton).

So far the biggest problem I had was with my engine being blown by a really bad top overhaul job. So I had to either overhaul or change the engine. I opted to change to a Citroen AX 1.4 (using only the block and head). Whilst there, I also did my clutch and also my radiator, which was also blown out. Now the engine runs really good (and really fast too).

If you'd like to join other Tiara enthusiasts, or if you want to get more info on the Tiara, do join us at the Tiara AX auto club http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/AXTAC/


8th Aug 2010, 07:02

Tiara is a good car undoubtedly. I have been driving it for the past seven years, there is no major problem. Please could someone advise me about the noise while turning the steering wheel?