2001 Proton Waja GX 1.6 from Malaysia


A good performer with trivial problems


Driver's side power window failed just after warranty lapsed.

Squeaking sound during cornering on rough surface. Dealer cannot rectify and blame the manufacturer.

Seats fabric is uncomfortable.

Radiator leaked and rectified during warranty period.

General Comments:

This car's handling is very good and stable. Have no fear on the fast lane.

Fuel consumption is reasonable, 12-14 km per liter, but lower than what claimed by the manufacturer (16km per liter).

So far, problems have not hurt performance.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2004

2001 Proton Waja x 1.6 from Malaysia


Its even worst then wira


Glove box handle broke twice and I never want to repair it again. very cheap and lousy plastic.

Left sunshade mirror fell off without any reason.

Knocking sound underneath the steering wheel when run into uneven road.

Radio reception very bad when in city. changed once, but did not solve the problem.

Steering vibrate when stopping at traffic light.

Gear slipped when going off in the morning.

General Comments:

The car handles very well with less body roll.

Aircond vent in the center is meant for 'driver only' so passanger need time to cool off.

Body scratches and dent easily.

Seat is stiff and tiring during long driving.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2004

2001 Proton Waja 1.6 from Malaysia


You get what you pay for


I feel the seat cushion is a little too stiff.

The front suspension gave squeaking sound when cornering (never fixed).

Poor design, if you wear long sleeve shirt, your cuff can easily pull off the audio control located on the driving wheel. Had it happened to both the controls, but replaced at no cost under warranty.

And MOST IMPORTANT of all: the engine can stall especially if the car is still warming up when driven. I had this problem several times, brought back to dealer and they just rev up the idling RPM, but problem still comes back after a few weeks. This is a major safety issue, and is the one of the main reasons I sold the car.

General Comments:

I understand quite a few of Waja on the road have these two problems:

1. Suspension squeaking.

2. Engine stalling.

There seem to be some problems with the engine, and Proton almost always just rev up the engine idle RPM, thus wasting more fuel for you. Mechanics' explanations ranged from failed computer chip, electric circuit board, fuel injection, to simply engine need tuning.

And what is the deal with the dealer technicians now being able to decide how much to charge?

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Review Date: 7th August, 2003

26th May 2005, 00:46

Engine stalling-Are you referring to manual or auto transmission? so far that I know, the waja is just the car for me!

2001 Proton Waja GX 1.6M petrol from Malaysia


Good performance, but poor finishing


1. I have changed the power window on the driver's side twice at no cost.

2. As at to date, the power window still gives this irritating squeaky noise.

3. I also get the same irritating noise from the left front side window.

4. Changed the clutch pump at no cost. Had terrible time to get parts from the dealer as I have to wait for two weeks.

5. The customer service is pathetic.

6. Quality of workmanship at baggage compartment area is questionable.

General Comments:

1. Teething problems such as power windows is something not commonly found at other cars (non proton).

2. On top of that I have to wait for weeks for parts from authorized dealers.

3. Poor after sales customer service.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2003

2001 Proton Waja GX 1.6 EFi from Malaysia


Avoid buying Proton all together


- Driver's side power window failure.

- Gear change very rough & inefficient.

- Passenger's doors too tight.

- Airconditioners not cold enough.

- Airconditioners vent pointing to driver only.

- Boot design very poor.

- Passenger's seats (sitting position) very uncomfortable.

- Noisy on the inside while driving.

- Very hard to close doors from the inside due to poor handle design.

- The tire alignments had to be adjusted even after taking it from the sales office.

- Huge turning radius. Worst car to drive into when parking or making U turns.

- Squeaky absorbers & dashboards.

General Comments:

DO NOT buy this car until Proton has improved the above stated features.

This car has very bad quality built into every part of it.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2002

24th Aug 2004, 21:24

AGREE: what Proton has been doing all these years as we have to bear the the cost of the same quality problems associated with the car i.e. power window, knocking sound while driving or making turns and etc.