2004 Proton Waja MT from Malaysia


Other than engine, body parts are substandard


Driver Door Windscreen Dropped Down at about 100,000 km - Cost almost RM 300 to replace.

3 door handles broken and replaced - from about 150,000 km till now. Have photos as evidence.

Left headlight unit is now shaky.

Original tyre rim got bent when hit a small pothole.

The passenger side seat adjuster knob always falls off.

Gearshift knob went loose within 1 year. Replaced with a designer model.

General Comments:

Good top end speed, when new, can reach 220 kmph; now on highways 190 kmph is possible. - Brakes are however, sub-standard. Handling is good, possibly aided by my addition of a stabiliser bar..

Body is not strong. A bird hit my bonnet and made a big dent.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2006

2004 Proton Waja AT 1.6 from Malaysia




In general, there is nothing wrong with car. However, there are some minor problem such as the power window. The power window malfunction 2 day after I brought the car. I just feel uncomfortable with the service given by proton services, the so called proton adviser are not professional at all. They always said "biasa punya" or "this is a proton is not a Toyota, so problem occurs is normal". It seem to be the so called adviser is not work for proton. I just done my 20,000 km service because of their bad service, I have decided not to send my car back to proton service anymore. I rather pay more to outside workshop to service or fix my car.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2006

25th Apr 2006, 19:50

I would recommend you to service at individual dealers who care more and service is quick.

2004 Proton Waja Enhanced version 1.6 from Malaysia


Waja 1.6 Enhanced Version is a good car with a reasonable price and performance


Nothing wrong.

General Comments:

It is almost 2 years and there's no problem with my 1.6EV (M) Waja.

The handling performance is good and fuel consumption is not high like the Gen2 own by my cousin.

Until today I don't need to repair anything accept the regular services.

However the light colour fabric seat cover is easy to get dirty, I had to replaced it with PU seat cover.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2006

2004 Proton Waja 1.6MT from Malaysia


Don't expect too much from waja.


Paintwork defect on both side mirrors (metal cover) after 7 months from dealer. Managed to get proton edar to repaint it back for free.

External door knob broken at front passenger and rear left after 1 year. Request for replacement from proton edar, but gave reason out of stock. Still pending.

"Hissing" sound from the rear tyre when moderate cornering. Don't mind as it not so loud.

Squeaking sound from the rear. Don't know the problem. Even louder when reverse. Will send to proton edar. Still pending.

Knocking sound also from rear. When switch gear from 1 to 2, it's more obvious. Proton edar to check. Still pending.

Seat too stiff. Inconvenient for long drive.

Pick up slow. Sometime it jerk when switch gear.

Have to press acceleration pedal little harder as engine tense to dead, especially at traffic light. Timing meter low and keep dropping when wrongly adjusting crutch pedal and acceleration pedal.

General Comments:

All works fine accept for the one that I've listed down.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2005

4th Dec 2005, 22:43

I'm the previous writer. Just to add some more. I've send my car to a local mechanic (don't trust proton edar anymore) on the problem with my rear. And they found out that both my rear absorber have worned out and that causes the knocking sound. Because of the unbalance of the position of absorbers, the tyre will get uneven and causes the knocking sound. Problem solved after they changed it. Cost me rm240.00 for both side.

As for the door handle, I bought myself both the handle at proton spare part dealer and sent it to local mechanic to be fix and spray. Cost me lousy rm150.00.

Can't do much on the acceleration problem. Waja engine was built that way.

30th Jan 2009, 10:46

I travel a lot in my Waja. I am in sales. I've had a 2004 1.6 MT for the best part of 260,000km. When I bought it used, it had 60,000km. This is the model with Mitsubishi 4G18P engine, 16valve SOHC, petrol blue but in actual fact is green. The torque peaks at 2500rpm and therefore good for city driving, even for a manual as the clutch is hydraulically assisted.

The Manual transmission and combination of low torque rpm, adequate road holding makes it a breeze climbing up and down hilly sections, powering out of a corner and good engine braking.

The engine seems comfortable to be running up to 150km/h. Above that, the engine gets a bit too loud and it gets breathless in 5th above 4500 rpm.

Best thing about the Waja is the cheap availability of parts and upgrades you can get from local tuners. I've had a port and polish, mild cam and 4-2-1 exhaust manifold for less than RM 5K. Slap on some lowered springs and some nice dampers and it's a fun ride. I could buy a better car but not have the same amount of cheap fun in it.

Main grouse would be; power windows and had a fuel pump fail after 100,000 km. I'm on my second new pump. But I know I thrash it a lot and I deserve to be stranded for abusing it as much as I do.

Previously had a Proton Saga 1.5S, Pug 405 1.6GL MT, Proton Satria 1.3SE. Looking forward to a Neo with better power to weight ratio.