2004 Proton Waja MT from Malaysia


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After just 2 weeks of driving on the road, squeaking sound in the cabin became more and more audible.

Hissing sound also became louder as the steering wheel is turned.

The front speaker located at the driver's door also started squeaking when the music volume is cranked up.

The rear door's switch malfunctioned when I received the car. I only noticed this a week later when I opened the rear door and noticed that the cabin light does not turn on when I open the rear door.

3 weeks on the road and the rear lights switch malfunctioned. The rear light was 'on' all the time even when I switch off the engine. I had to get a mechanic to disconnect the wire for me temporarily so as not to drain up the battery.

There was a paint defect on the bonnet of the car during delivery. The lining inside the car (on the ceiling) was also stained when I got the car. Proton refused to fix the paint on the bonnet and the lining in the car even though it is stated in the warranty card that these are warrantied items.

General Comments:

Proton's customer care was not very helpful when it came to complains about the paint and lining problem. It was very time and money wasting calling these people up yet they could not resolve such simple problems.

The quality of the car is seriously questionable. It could have been a very good car if built properly. No more proton for me after this encounter. Even with the recent TUV certification on the new proton Savvy, I would never get another proton, unless they do something about the way they treat their customer. The customer care has a lot of improvement to do.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2005

26th Jul 2005, 19:17

Yes, I strongly agreed with you, the customer care was extremely poor in service when dealing with complains. Too many things I need them to rectified, but none of these has been rectified so far after a half year ownership.

For them, whatever we complaints was normal like poor engine tuning until car shaking in 'N' position (A/T), asked for a check as why then they said everything was in spec and no problem for that. Imagine, what kind of attitude they've possessed? They can felt the things yet said it's normal. Escalation has been made to their HQ in Malaysia for all these attitudes after visited 3 branches and none of these branches can made me happy.

I'd strongly not gonna recommends anyone to go for Proton Cars. If they can't have a good customer service then why they've to issued a 2 years warranty package? We don't need any of these warranty if none of the service technicians able to rectify the problems that we're facing.

2004 Proton Waja 1.6 Auto from Malaysia




Dashboard loosen sound.

Front door (driver's side) loosen sound.

Poor engine tuning and service technician said it's normal.

Poor customer service from service center.

Central console box not able to stand and service technician said it's normal and cannot be amend.

General Comments:

Handling well.

Good steering response.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2005

2004 Proton Waja 1.6 from Malaysia


Strange noise when cornering- after 1 month of purchasing.


Steering position twisted 45 degree on straight tires- they said it's a normal things and refused to do anything when I asked to.


Leaking on driver's side door. After 1 year.


Problem with air conditioning on heavy rain. Water flew together with with the air on the driver side make my left foot wet (upward the clutch) after a year.

General Comments:

I hope the manufacturer will respond on every comment and take action. The Pride of national cars is not the name, but Quality. 20 years in the business is enough to produce the quality stuff not only on the various models. However, the engine is really good.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2005

22nd Jun 2005, 09:11

I do agree with you. For the record, proton you're not the only one who suffer these problems, but I believe all other proton buyers share the same problems. Power windows are the most complaint that I've always heard. I do believe it's not the Proton's fault, but it's the vendors who supply the assembly system. They should be blamed for their relatively expensive, but poor quality products. Shame that the proton has to bear the stigma for being unable to built high quality cars. Appointing TuV Pfalz from Germany will somehow reducing, if not eliminating this problem. Lets pray to proton, so that in the future people won't refer Proton in past tense.

16th Aug 2005, 23:45

Compare Proton and Perodua.Did you heard that Perodua have door handle and power window problem. I agree the engine is good due to manufacture by Mitsubishi Motor. When they can improve the quality? there are no improvement for the pass 20 years, since I had brought 2 proton cars. My experience told me, Proton car need foreign partner urgently. Proton must agree we cannot challenge with the Japanese carmadeker even Korea car.. we have yet reach that level!