2007 Proton Waja from Malaysia


Is this one of the causes?


The car is fair if & only if when you are lucky to get one which is trouble free. We had the 1st Saga, then on to the Iswara & then to the Wira & Waja... just stops there. Why? Read on..

General Comments:

This brand probably generates the most frustration among genuine car owners.

Generally, though not only limited to this brand / make...

The only thing we noticed happening very frequently (in Malaysia) is that a lot of these new "yet-to-be-registered-or-delivered" vehicles are driven at speeds of 120-150kmh on motorways prior to delivery to clients or dealers. This probably explains why some owners find that their new cars have clocked considerable mileage even before getting the keys to their new cars!

Worse yet, some parts are deliberately "swapped" at service outlets / dealers so that the new car under warranty can be filed & claimed by the "victim" owner during the 1st service.

Unfortunately, there is nothing the poor owner can do about this due to the lack of protection for consumers here. The only protection available is only for some individuals' dream, pocket or so-called "nation's pride".

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 17th July, 2007

7th Oct 2008, 04:53

I've owned many Proton cars; Waja (old version) Gen2, Arena, Waja CPS. None of these cars gave engine problems. Although I must admit, the old Waja gave some problems with the doors and windows. The new Waja CPS has so many improvements in performance, noise vibration and harshness, it is sad that previous Waja owners did not want to re-look at the new Waja, but rather pay 10 to 20 thousands dollars of their hard earn money to buy other brands of similar size (or smaller) and performance. If you work out the maths, windows and doors cannot cost more than a couple of thousand dollars for the life of the car. Parting an additional of 20K for a little inconvenience??? BTW, I have the waja CPS 6 months already. No problem so far.