25th Nov 2008, 17:48

My dad bought a Waja 1.6 in 2002 and still has it now. I was 12 then, and since I have my licence (I'm 18 now), this is the car I'm only allowed to drive since my dad won't let me touch his other cars.

But the thing is my dad owns a Mitsubishi and BMW. Both are TWICE as old as the PROTON yet these antiques never caused any trouble.

Like other comments, it's the windows and doors that cause the problem. I also found out that only after 6 years, the seats are deformed.

The Mitsubishi (a 1994 Spacewagon 2.0) : no problem whatsoever. It's weird how Proton couldn't get the same quality of its cars to match those of its partner company, Mitsubishi.

I also found out that if you exceed 140km/h the car wobbles like jelly. Pretty scary stuff, especially if attacking corners. I ALSO found out that it's annoyingly noisy when it reaches 100km/h.

All in all, HORRIBLE CAR for RM72K (that was the price in 2002)

13th Dec 2008, 10:01

Ever since I got my license, I was given the first batch of Waja (2001) to drive as obviously, my father wouldn't allow me to touch any of his other cars.

Firstly, let me tell you that the my Waja was a company car and was regularly serviced and taken care off by EON, as my dad worked for EON right until he retired and bought the car over for me. It was bought over when it was 3 years old and was handed to me in mint condition.

The car has also been through quite a massive accident when it was over a year old, and was fully repaired without leaving a trace of the accident.

For the price of the car I would definitely say that it's a very very good buy, if you can overlook the minor things that start to go wrong after the car is off certain age. And that is bound to happen to any car.

Like any other Waja I had problems with the power window and door handles too. Then I started to have problems with the front lights that would burn in a matter of one month of changing.

The AC compressor also gave way when it was over 6 yrs old.

Toward the end, I also had problems with the door locking mechanism with key, tint peeling.

Other than all these problems, I never had problems with the engine or gearbox till it was about 7 yrs old.

Recently my beloved Waja got stolen and I am planning to now buy the new Waja CPS as I believe all these problems would have already be rectified, and it's just a great buy for its price, as it can easily take me through the next 6-7 years with regular servicing and sensible driving.. without causing major problems of course.

16th Dec 2008, 20:07

1st of all, my 2002 Waja price was RM66k.. that RM72k was the price when the Waja first launched in 2000. As you may want to know, I've lots of experiences with driving many kind of cars and I would want to say to you that the Waja handling was the best in its class.. you just cannot assume a Waja handles just like a wobbly jelly if it reaches 140km/h. (as you only got your driving license and this was the only car that you've driven)

For your information, all cars in this class will float within 140km/h of speed.. don't dare to taking any corner at this speed, any cars will wobble like a jelly at this speed.. if you really think the BMW never causes any trouble with their owner, try to read a review about that car here.. (maybe both of you another "daddy" cars has a low mileage and push his Waja over-the-limits every days for going to work place before he hand over a Waja to you, because the others 2 cars were expensive to maintain)

3rd May 2009, 12:22

Hi. I just booked my new Proton Waja 2008 in Oman. Requesting you all to send me care & maintainence tips.


12th May 2009, 22:55

I have had my Waja car about three years now, I suffered from the electrical windows system. It happened with me in two different windows. I hope the manufacturer must redesign the system. I think something is wrong, I am very careful and using the car very gently.

What makes me very worry is that it happens suddenly.

I am in Egypt - Alexandria


12th Jul 2009, 04:10


How are all of you doing, hope all is well. I was planing to buy a Waja 1.6 Campro 2008. I am living in Oman and I was planning to use it for say like 4 years at the max. If you have any suggestions whether to buy the car or not, please inform me as I have another car in mind, which is the new Kia Cerato 2010, which has already been docked in Oman. Please if some one would help me whether to go for the Waja or not, as I am really liking all the features in the car.

Plzzz help

Thanking you.

16th Jul 2009, 21:24

Go for it my fella from Oman.. I'm currently a Waja 2002 owner.. so far in almost 7 years of owning, the only problem just my power windows switch, broken door handle, changing a few bulbs and my newest problem was an alternator fan motor fail (consider this problem only countered in this year).. but it's only cost me around RM90 (below USD $30)

10th Sep 2009, 23:11

I bought my WAJA in 2006, no major problems so far. The only thing I have changed is the tyres due to wear and tear. It has good ride and handling, very good steering feel and does not rattle at high speed. Also good at cornering. I am a very satisfied owner.

26th Dec 2009, 00:51

Hi all.

I'm currently using a Waja from Sept 2003 with auto transmission.

Here is the list of problems:

1. Power window driver side malfunction - in 2nd year

2. Changed rear absorber due to "weird sound" - in 2nd year

3. Power window, front passenger side malfunction - in 3rd year

4. Power window, left rear passenger side malfunction - in 4th year

5. Several times changing light bulb - solved after install "voltage stabilizer at Brothers"

6. Radiator black plastic cover broken - in 5th year

7. Air conditioning fan motor malfunction - in 5th year

8. Changed all the absorber due to "wear & tear" after 7 years

9. Bulb at meter display - now malfunction, now difficult to see fuel gauge in the night.

10. Fuel pump malfunction in 6th year.

My conclusion:

This car starts to give headaches to its owner after 5 years in use. But I still use the car because I love the car because of its size. To me it's bigger compared to other in same price, platform, category.

I used to drive my father in law's Honda Accord SV4, but I still prefer my Waja. If you drive up to 110kmh, you'll start hear the noise too loud.. This thing makes me hate the cars most.

15th Mar 2010, 00:45

I had owned a Proton Satria, then Honda Civic eg8, then Kia Spectra and Waja. Comparing those cars with the Waja, Waja is the best car I ever had. Ride handling is superb. Speed on the highway is the best. Very satisfied, even though some accessories gave me problems such as power window and door handle.. I believe that newest Waja has no such problems, and is better in terms of everything.

29th Jan 2011, 05:53

I've owned a manual 1.6 Waja since 2004, the last batch of Waja with the Mitsubishi engine rm57k.

Over the years, it has been a fairly good car, really served me well.

Over 7 years, only driver's window switch, front bearing and rear absorber changed, which I think is acceptable.

I bought a 8th gen Civic in 2010.

To my surprise, the Waja beats my Civic on handling and fuel consumption. It really drives more comfortably than the Civic, which cost me twice the price.

I think overall this is a good car, just the quality control is below par.

9th Dec 2011, 06:36

For me, handling is my first priority when purchasing a new car. I opted for a Waja instead of a Vios, Civic, and all cars under 100k.