14th Dec 2001, 21:59

The Impian has a very impressive ride and handling capability. I've been driving the car for 4 months now and I'm satisfied with the car. The rear leg room is good.

The car would perform better with a 1.8 litre engine.

The interior center air-conditioning vents are not working for the front passenger.

6th Sep 2002, 07:57

To me, Proton Waja is a nice car and perhaps a good try by Proton itself to produce a car that is comparable to other European models.

Although the interior material quality isn't that of Beemers or Mercs, I think it worth the value.

A good try for Proton and there shall be room for more improvements.

23rd Sep 2003, 01:22

The brakes go very in deep nearly to the floor before the car start showing any signs of stopping. The brake feel is bad. I am miffed at how this fellow writing that review would say the brakes are good, unless his previous car had worse brakes.

25th Jan 2004, 11:07

My mum has one of these and I drive it pretty regularly. But for the huge A pillars which are big enough to hide a whole motorcycle it's a pretty nifty design.

Much has been made of Lotus' contribution to the chassis design and handling characteristics, but I'm sure Lotus itself would sooner Proton keep this quiet given that the car handles like a pig compared to any of the Alfas or Fiats of similar size. So it's a huge technological step forward for Proton and it almost makes it. It's a decent car- or would have been, but for the truly abysmal quality control (or lack thereof) at the assembly plant and its spectacular failure to live up to its Lotus heritage. Lotuses (Loti?) would probably regard the Waja/Impian as a very very very distant and slightly embarrassing cousin and wish that it would for crying out loud stop claiming any relationship.

Handling is pretty good, no more. It's better than any of Proton's previous offerings and a good average for any contemporary current saloon. Attempting to out turn any of the more sporty continental saloons will see a Waja/Impian driver quickly in the ditch and looking rather silly. This is NOT a Lotus.

On a more positive note Proton have specced a pretty decent stereo as standard in the Waja/Impian. Use this to drown out the plethora of squeaks and rattles this car will emit after the first week or so of ownership. And if you play the right kind music you wouldn't be overly inclined to errr... explore the limits of this car's handling and adhesion.

I wish people would draw more attention to the stereo and less to the handling. We'd see less accidents that way. I'd also like to see Proton hiring some quality control inspectors or at least looking in the dictionary to find out what the word means.

Then I'd probably buy one.

3rd Feb 2004, 23:05

What build quality does Proton puts into Waja anyway? Besides the cheap looking plastics, that will crack and peel under a hot tropical weather? Has anyone bothered to look behind the trunk of an European car and the finishings in the spare tire compartment. That is what I call Attention to detail. Look behind a waja and judge for yourself. If can't beat the European in the trunk area what makes you think the car is comparable.

15th Jul 2004, 07:48

Actually I think the Waja/Impian is comparable too many European cars...

Let's see... European cars like say Lada, Trabant or Moskvitch are comparable to the Waja in terms of build quality. Other European cars like the Austin Metro are comparable to the Waja in terms of driving dynamics and yet other European cars like Jaguar/Daimler, Mercedes and BMW are comparable to the Waja in maintenance costs.

So yeah sure... I'd agree that the Waja is comparable to European cars. And I defy anyone to say otherwise.