15th Dec 2002, 08:17

"Luckily" not facing too much problem for my "Waja"!! Only power windows, driver key lock and water temperature gauge happened problem. Have been solved by replacing to the new unit.

For power windows problem, it is because of the plastic mounting point of the roller broken caused window suddenly cannot lift up. Although replaced to the new unit, it seen that same problem will be occurred again because of the design, the roller should mount on the metal based instead of plastic base!!!

Anyway, this is just my opinion. Best regards.

16th Dec 2002, 02:48

When they first launched the Waja, it was mentioned that it used the Renault Laguna and Peugeot 406 as their benchmark. I've test driven one Waja and I 've never driven the Laguna. But as an owner of the excellent Peugeot 406, I feel insulted! The Waja is nowhere near the Pug in every sense of the word!! And I hear in Australia they (Proton) are comparing it to BMW!!?? What a joke!

14th Feb 2003, 02:38

Water went in both of the front headlight. The rear electric sun shade is not working. Electric sunshade produce noise during acceleration. paint job is very poor. Not the criteria I expect from a 1.8 litre Waja.

9th Jun 2003, 03:55

After using the Proton Waja for 20 months, I was confident that the auto transmission was flawless until last week end, it failed. The transmission went into a locked mode and I was fortunate to drive slowly to a EON authorized service centre. I was told by the EON service centre that the fault was due to the faulty electronic card that controlled the transmission. My question is how reliable is the electronic card. Is it good for 2 years or 3 years? The unreliability of the card will definitely deters the confidence of the Waja users.

26th Aug 2003, 02:45

I bought the 1.6 auto Waja 4 months ago. Whenever I make a turning stupid cracking sounds will come from the steering wheel and my reverse sensor doesn't work. One of my passenger door needed extra extra energy to bam it close. The service provided by Proton Edar is quite good, though.

I'm stuck with the car so I won't give any more criticism.

6th Sep 2003, 11:28

I've bought a 2nd hand Waja. When I accelerate, there was a crack sound comes from the steering. The worst thing is that the transmission doesn't come with overdrive. That is why it is so high fuel consumption.

1st Jan 2004, 08:20

I've bought 1.6 manual last 3 months. The floor carpet slips off, but subsequently fixed at proton edar at no cost. Squeaky sounds from rear suspension. Sun shade torn off after a month. Tyre adjustment carried out after a week as steering vibrates at 110kmh.

15th Jan 2004, 01:51

I sent my proton Waja (A) for a routine 20k service to a licensed Proton Edar service outlet. My car was in perfect working conditon, before the 20k service. But to my utter astonishment, the car started to ‘JURK’ after the service. When I took back the car to the service outlet, a mechanic took my car for a test drive and came out with the reply that the problem is due to a ‘STROMBERG’ cable, (fuel saver I fitted when I bought the car) without even opening the bonnet. He advised to remove the said cable to rectify the problem. After following his advice, the problem persisted and the mechanic insisted it is not a big deal.

I was not happy at the response and took my car to a foreman and he found a broken cable, which was glued. Now I know where and what went wrong and now dare not take my car for a service to authorized outlets although it is still under warranty.

1st Aug 2004, 03:31

He guy, eventually all the problem that you all mention were over. I bought my WAJA 1.6 (m) 20 months ago. till now no problem at all. already reached 50,000km and my car consider to be used heavily. normal regular services, and change whatever suggested to be changed, god willing all will running smooth. till now my WAJA can reach maximum speed, good acceleration, very economical petrol usage.

26th Dec 2004, 21:00


My WAJA 1.6 A was facing a similar and repetitive problem since I bought on 12th Oct.2004.Type of problem was Radio, centralized lock, roofing lamp and alarm system not functioned at all. Today is the fourth time the problem happened again. All the Proton Edar Branches and Dealer Services action taken is only checking and checking and change fuse 10 A. It is really really poor and not professional services by Proton Mechanic.

Help me!

Jaafar Ismail


21st Jan 2009, 12:38

Hey guys!

I disagree some of the comment saying "do not support malaysian car" what the heck?! Waja is really a nice car. Although it has problem with the power window switch.. hey common.. even Toyota has that problem.

But I admire the Waja model 2001-2003.. it's a Mitsubishi engine. My Waja 2001 has already a mileage of 190,000 and still the engine is tip top condition.. like the first time I met it at the Proton showroom.. LOL.

3rd Jun 2009, 04:28

Hi Guys.

I own a WAJA 1.6 2002 model, and I had already driven 310,000 kilometers. It is still running fine... all I do is to replace the oil and necessary components as per the dates and meter reading. Sending for full servicing every 50k to 70k km.

Even though I had too been effected by the problems like power windows and other, I am still a proud owner or my WAJA.

Note: trust any good foreman for you car always, but I strictly advise all of you to avoid the authorized servicing centers.


Muhd Ashraf

4th Jun 2009, 16:18

Proton and the rest will die once the government don't protect them...

15th Sep 2010, 12:46

My Waja is a 2001 model, with a 1.6 litre Mitsubishi engine and an automatic transmission. The odometer indicates that the car has travelled farther than 190,000 km. The things that had gone wrong with the car are:

1) The engine died suddenly because the fuel pump died.

2) The bulbs for the headlights got blown often.

3) The power window regulators (made of plastic) stopped working because they broke easily (fixed by replacing with metal regulators).

4) The mountings for the shock absorbers are worn out.

5) The control arms were replaced because the bushings were worn out and/or the arms themselves were bent.

6) A few worn out rubber bushings had to be replaced they were making noises & affecting the car handling.

I am planning an extensive overhaul of this car to bring it back to showroom, if not better, condition.

16th Sep 2010, 11:02

My Waja model late 2003 1.6A:-

Problems that I have/had:-

1. Changed all 4 door handle, 1 more broke again.

2. Handbrake button just flew out, I use UHU and stuck it back.

3. Front passenger power window replaced twice.

4. Front driver power window replaced 3 times.

5. Front suspension very noisy when going over bump.

6. Engine very lagging when pressing accelerator but this only started when I changed to RON 95.

7. Glove compartment lock spoilt. Never used the lock ever again.

On the plus side of things:-

1. Fuel consumption is 550km for a full tank (minimum+town use).

2. I can take corner at 150 KPH and will never skid unlike the Blady Gen2 (Bridgestone tyres).

3. I raced with a VIOS to KLIA and I won. Top speed 185 KPH but the VIOS beat me on acceleration.

4. I service every 5k, and I can guarantee you the cost of repairs/servicing is really cheap other than the problems I have above.

5. Using the car 7 years, I have never had a problem starting the car unless the battery was flat.

6. I drove to Kukup, southern most city from KL with 5 fat guys (including me :)), with no complaints from passengers, mind you we sat in a 2008 Sentra and BMW 318 year 2000/2003 before the trip and we couldn't fit.