1996 Proton Wira 1.5A 1.5 Fuel Injection from Malaysia


A good car because of its price


Auto Window scrolling gear, door sealing rubber. No problem with air condition.

But the top cover of the car has big problem due to the unsuitable glue the manufacturer used.

General Comments:

A good choice of car in this price range.

Reliability is good.

However, the marketing strategy is not good.

They like to conquer all the Malaysia market. but I believe if we were given a chance to compare in an open market, Proton will lose out.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2003

1996 Proton Wira GL 1.5 petrol from Malaysia


Not worth the price


Totally under powered. The car is like going to move back wards down hill even when accelerator is fully pressed when going up hill to Genting Highland.

The whole car is vibrating so greatly like the interior is going to split into half even when driving at around 120 kilometers per hour making the car not comfortable at all.

Lubricating oil spilled out of the engine even after the car has been serviced.

The design of the car is too simple and plain and doesn't worth the price at all.

General Comments:

Actually I'm looking forward to a better car from Proton, but it seems that Proton still lack of creativity. What is wrong with them?

The car they make doesn't even worth the price. Compare to other countries, the price of one Proton Wira can buy myself a powerful yet beautiful sports car. Example in Canada, the price of one Proton Wira is worth the price of one Chevrolet Camaro.

For conclusion, this Proton Wira that I currently own will be the first and the last of Proton. I felt disapointed at how Proton is doing their job. They are nothing, but some 'money-grabber'.I know that many people in Malaysia think that way too.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2003

12th Apr 2004, 01:06

Don't ever buy a proton. That's it. my cousin bought a wira last year, and recently saw him on the road, he already change to hyundai! that's explain how bad is the wira. He told me that that wira has been trade-in because the automatic gearbox has seriously problem. So he decide to change into a new car and don't ever look into proton again. As I know, the proton automatic gearbox is always a problem. So, remember, don't buy proton!!!

1996 Proton Wira XLI 1.6 from Malaysia




There a few chip in the car paint, when I first got the key.

On the spot, I notify the dealer, but the dealer reply saying that"

"All Proton cars had this defect"

He even shows me a couple of new cars on display with worst chip on it.

Warranty on my car is 3-year so on the first week after the third year.

The rears Shock Absorber give way, without any notice and had to replace it from my own pocket.

Next the Alternator it not charging the battery and need to be replace.

General Comments:

This Wira are my second car from Proton, but will also be my last.

Proton just can't keep up with my growing demand.

The Wira serve me well as a second car of the house, but soon will trade-it in for a better car from this range of specifications.

Proton car are for people looking for budget and value for money.

For more than that, look elsewhere.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2003