27th Jun 2004, 23:13

I wan to buy WIRA, since you all say WIRA that bad.

I will not consider to buy WIRA again.

7th Feb 2005, 22:21

Lol I was looking for a proton thanks for the comments now won't even go near one.

15th Jun 2005, 10:49

All of you who commented on how bad the car is are just people who don't really know how to take care of a car! Oh common, if you are local, it makes you all the worst, don't even know how to support your nation's automobile industry? My Wira has been running for 6 years with a mileage of over 145,000km, I never faced problems with the gearbox (it's an automatic for your INFORMATION), I travel thru-and-fro to work everyday, an average of 150km per day, and it has not given me problems till now... How come I nvr face problems like that? Wira is a good car, it just needs good care, like any other car! Send the car for services every 5,000 to 10,000km and I GUARANTEE you it will run as good as other cars! Don't wreck the car, it's a family car, not a performance one!

8th Jun 2006, 07:15

Hi dude..we've tried our very best to maintain and service our cars on time, make it stock standard as possible, but what if all these problems happen to you even on the first week when you're the proud owner and a good supporter of our national cars.. Will you tell us the same kind of stories?

What if your new car driven by your wife having faulty problems that might have taken her life in the process due to poor quality? Are you going to support and say it out loud that we're talking rubbish over here?

We're not against Proton, but in reality all that the people mentioned here does happen in reality and it happens to me as well.. you are lucky or may not after writing this column supporting it with the spirit of Proton Boleh!!... wish you all the best on your next Proton purchase car and hope that you will let us know how good it is...

29th Mar 2010, 19:42

Hi, I'm from Croatia and I drive a '97 Proton Wira 1.8. The car is bloody excellent, the engine is powerful, revvy and seems to be indestructible. The car handles really well. The bodywork is flawless after 13 years, so my guess would be:

The cars they sold in Malaysia were something completely different from the export ones, poorly crafted from non-quality materials.

Oh, and a friend of mine has the 1.5 version - also has no problems and beats much newer cars off the lights. I mean, it is a Mitsubishi after all... cheers.