2004 Proton Wira Gli 1.5 from Malaysia


Utter rubbish and a continuation of bad joke


Respray left rear door within first week of delivery.

Odometere and speedometre disconnected before delivery. Mileage therefore dubious.

Uneven body panels.

Rear seat fastener broken from 1st day.

Optional tint had bubbles.

Factory standard brakes can barely slow car down.

Water pump failure. Had to replace.

Wipers shudder.

Washers, near windscreen, is missing.

Proton endorsed anti-theft security system breaks side indicator light mountings causing them to fall off while driving.

Paint so thin even minor scratches cause damage.

Body so thin it dents easily.

Can smell vehicle exhaust through air con even when set to recirculate.

Brakes make scraping noises non-stop.

Very high petrol consumption.

Suspension can barely support cars weight. More than two people and this car scrapes even the lowest of speed bumps at crawling speed.

Build quality and fit appalling. My previous 12-year old car was quieter inside.

After-sales mainteinance and service is appalling. Generally indifferent and arrogantly so. No clear explanation given for anything.

Plus more.

General Comments:

This is not a car. It's either a bad practical joke or a headache on wheels. for the first year of ownership I sent it back to service centre so often they new me on a first name basis. And that's no mean trick coming from technicians who generally don't care about anything past what time their next 'teh tarik' break is. How does proton expect the public or any foreign investor to take it seriously? I personally would rather put myself in debt for a more expensive imported car or foreign make. I will never buy Malaysian again. I can't believe that Proton has the gall to say that it practices strict quality control. There wasn't any in the first place. I strongly believe they bought into their own PR spin.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2006

19th Jun 2006, 07:43

Hi Guys, have you ever check what does WIRA stands for?


I = I



China took merely 10 years to develop a very good a reliable car like Cherry and ZhongHua.

Many of you may not have such an opportunity to own one of these china made car, but I worked in China for years and have many friends owned these models, never heard any complains like this CRAPPY WIRA.

Wira has been launched at least 12 years ago and still selling now. We do not really understand what is Proton marketing strategy? The power window is the most notorious problem for over decade. Such a simple design flaws even cannot be remedial over a decade, what else can Proton ensure us in terms of quality control?

Also, why export version has a much stringent quality control as compare to local ones? Does that means our lives are not as important as the Europeans? Why are we treated differently ? Why government allow this happen ??? WHY WHY WHY ???????

2004 Proton Wira GLi 1.5 GLi from Malaysia


Better than Waja, Saga, Iswara and previous Wira models


The car comes with a disfunction water pump and engine heat up half way to school.

The car comes with a head light that doesn't turn on.

The car comes with a exhaust pipe that is not secured tightly, drops half way driving.

Comes with a overturned seat-belts.

General Comments:

A high acceleration car compare to other new 1.5 Wira.

Seat are more comfortable.

Interior and exterior design are better than the previous.

Seat belts are so tight and gets tight while on the drive.

View of the car are bad causes poor visibility when coming out junction or round-abouts.

Body of the car is so soft.

Handling are poor, barely feel the car tail swings when driving.

Power window makes noise when going up or down.

Does not come with a standard full specs like disk changer, fog lights, and reverse sensor compare to other protons models.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2004

10th Feb 2005, 01:44

That's the problem with Proton... the mitsubishi engine is initially not designed for proton chasis...

24th Mar 2005, 08:10

Any proton that is meant for export is different..

We have a local version and an export version... Therefore, the export version is much more better than the local version...

Why?? I guess you could've know the reason.

10th Apr 2005, 12:55

Proton, 20 years of production, yet still unreliable. Every new proton cars will have these this very same problem. Power window that doesn't work. 20 YEARS! Till date, they are still making cars way back in the 80's.

30th Aug 2005, 00:23

I am Malaysian that bought a new Proton Wira 2.0 Turbo Diesel Export version in year 2001, May. Last year Oct 2004 I had decided to change the original engine due to problem occur and sent to relevant government department for inspection, the result were FAIL due to cut and joint at the front right wheel house. The car I bought never been involve in serious accident, Proton are denying all the responsibilities and try to push to unrelated party. So beware to buy Proton cars.

2nd May 2006, 20:13

My proton Wira has never fail me. Many of my neighbours use Wira as well... they say no problems. There is always a percentage of cars having faults whoever the car manufacturer is.

29th Apr 2007, 04:03

What else can you expect, just drive this car and dump into Port Klang sea or Klang river. This is the worst car that I had ever heard in my whole life.