31st Jul 2006, 07:43

Strategically, to Malaysia government allows Perodua to produce 1.5L and above capacity car, Proton will go to "Holland" at no time!

If you think that you want to keep your car for the next 10 years or more, then invest on non-proton cars. I predict "proton" will be "potong" after 2011.

3rd Aug 2006, 10:51

All Proton owners, if you read the history of this forum, you will see that the complaint starts since 2004, and now we are Aug 2006! The comments is getting worst, what Proton management have done to listen to this forum??? What they can do is to get some idiot lady speaks on their behalf on the TV and still talking dream words.

If you stay near Klang valley, dump your Wira into Klang river. If you stay in Penang, dump your wira into Penang sea at Penang bridge. If you stay in Johor, dump your crappy Wira into Muar river!! Or while you are trying to go across to Singapore, dump your car into the sea before your car get arrested by Singapore authority due to such a poor quality standards car!

I am extremely furious on Proton not because I am not patriotic, it is just that I have spent endless time and exorbitant money on the stupid crappy Wira of mine. I have enough of this nonsense, and I am going to burn it soon!!!

15th Sep 2006, 18:20

Bought Wira 1.5 (M) from Eon during Merdeka festival. There is a discount of RM4k. Was driving Iswara previously and already had a lot of trouble. But refused to believe I'd be bad luck for twice. Here is the list of problems (car is under 1000km mileage)!:

1. Wiper shudder - EON finally admitted problem could be due to the glass which is not under warranty!

2. Squeaky sound from day-1

3. Serious under-power. Driving my wife's Kelisa is 1000x more responsive than this kura-kura

4. High FC

5. Rear door (opposite driver side) has to be banged to close

6. Tight gear shift

7. Signal indicator switch is so tight that I have to let go of my right hand to activate it!

8. Front lamps not aligned - one high and one low

9. Complete lack of after-sale service. Brought all these issues to EON and they just casually say they'll look at it at the next service. If it isn't for the warranty, I'd never step into EON service again.

Conclusion: Don't be a fool twice like me!

23rd Nov 2006, 07:56

Funny little car. I rented one on a business trip to Malaysia recently. The temperature control on the dash went from blue to... umm, blue. No red. I guess in a tropical location, heat isn't even considered.

The first impression was that I was driving a used Hyundai built 20 years ago. It was a two-year old, well used rental car. Built with old Mitsubishi tooling, Proton is a small car company in a developing country. It was actually a better car than any US or European built car from the 1970's, so I give 'em a break. They are trying. I upgraded to a Waja (it was worse), and then a Perdana. The Perdana was actually tolerable for an American used to 200+ horsepower.

28th Dec 2006, 08:44

I was seriously considering Proton Wira, an upgrade from my Iswara AB 1.3S. After reading all the comments before this, I rather stay away from all Proton cars. My Iswara is still running fine and road-worthy after 10 years. It seem that Proton is cutting cost by reducing the workmanship of the vehicle.

The power window stories seemed not to be getting any attention from Proton's management, and it's a laughing matter throughout stories about Wira and the subsequent models.

4th Jan 2007, 20:21

The only good thing about Proton is the air-conditioning system. Always delivers cool air even on a very hot Malaysian afternoon. :D

If only all the other parts are as good...

6th Jan 2007, 02:19

I own a 1997 Model Proton Wira 1.5 GL (Auto). I have paid a big sum of money on repairing this car since the first day I bought it. There are endless problems. I just list some of them below : (a) noisy engine and high petrol consumption, (b) front windows frequently jammed, (c) headlights and signal lights blown off frequently, (d) clearance too low when loaded with 4 passengers causing difficulty in going over bumpy roads, (e) bumpers easily cracked and dropped off in minor accidents, (f) auto window switches spoiled easily.

Honestly speaking, I really regret for having bought this problematic car.

Anyway, I am still a stong supporter of our national car. I hope Proton will not remain stagnant but instead continue its research to produce higher quality cars.

22nd Feb 2007, 07:42

I bought my WIRA auto in 2001 and sold it in 2006 for a WAJA after using it for 5 years. No trouble at all.. in fact when I traded the car on Friday the next Monday someone bought it already. My WAJA? Still no problems at all better than my friend's expensive Japaneses car that has problems with its breaks, power mirrors and axle.

15th Apr 2007, 09:40

I had a Wira 1994 model. It was tolerable to drive, not refined, but takes you around. I had the classic power mirror failure and the engine oil leaking problem. Given a choice, I believe many Malaysians will stay away from Proton, but the truth of the matter is the government controls the pricing of the cars, so all you can afford is Proton.

15th Apr 2007, 21:50

Something for all of us to ponder :

Proton, financially has loss 600 millions ringgit over the past 9 months. In other words, 2 millions loss per day.

Millions of complete cars was unsold, and left under the hot sun waiting for potential buyers.

Under negotiation with numerous overseas car makers, until now, there is no progress due to the protectionism.

A simple power window problem was started since day 1. So, what do you expect much from Proton?So, what hope do we have??

28th Apr 2007, 09:15

I drive WIRA since 1999, only minor problem happened. Quite surprise when I read the information in this column.

MY Wira still on the road, total mileage shut up 180K, hopefully he still can continue serving my family.

Just to inform every body, if you are in the motor industries, I have been with most of them... infact the RM 300XXX also have defect. Please refer to recall campaign.. worst than Proton.

28th Apr 2007, 17:24

Please justify and quantify your statement. Don't just talk and provide lip service.

On the same token, why has this survey badly commented on Proton cars? Please ponder...

2nd Sep 2007, 01:12

First of all let me thank those who read my review for their comments. It's saddening though to see that there are other sufferers of chronic 'Protonliatis' ot there too. Anyway just confirm to you all out there on the world web... my review is based on one particular model - the Proton Wira Aeroback Special Edition, 1.5 Gli and my personal ownership additions which has been an embarrassment and a nightmare for a car enthusiast like me. Therefore it is entirely possible that every other owner of said Proton model could have had a totally different and dare I say more pleasant experience than mine. Though from the fellow owner's I meet and from the general grapvine, this is seems to be not the case.

I noticed that there are some comments stating that their Proton experience was not as terrible as mine. Kudos to you. However, I also noticed that the proton they're referring to is:

1. Not an aeroback nor a special edition.

2. Was a model earlier than 2004.

Although, I can't confirm it, insider information reveals as a part of controlling their spiralling cost, Proton, since 2004 have been sourcing a great deal of their components both mechanical and fittings from China. Previously they were largely from Japan. which is why the earlier Wira's while still nothing to cry about, are more robust, and better built. More to come.