3rd Apr 2013, 00:01

Thank you for the comment. The 4.7 V8 is an old useless engine that should never be made again. I guarantee you that the new 1500 with the 3.6L engine is faster than the same truck with the 4.7L engine. That is how pathetic that engine is. But don't buy a 3.6L Ram 1500, I advise you to stay away from this Ram brand as much as possible, and research other brands.

22nd May 2013, 19:29

I could not disagree with you more. I just purchased my second RAM truck. A 2013 Laramie Longhorn to replace my piece of crap Ford F-150. The F-150 with the 5.4 engine is horrible. My Ford only has 33k miles on it, and it has a driveline shake that is so bad nobody want to ride in it, but three different Ford dealers say it is fine. The truck also does not want to start on many occasions. I have a 1" thick service file on this few year old truck. It is on its third set of tires too. All replaced under warranty. It likes to wear them out. The dealer tells me they do not know what is causing the problem, so they are just going to keep replacing them until I was out of warranty, which I am now. I had a 2009 RAM before this and it was flawless. The 2013 RAM is Motor Trend's truck of the year for a reason.

People out there. Buy a RAM over a Ford any day of the week and you will not regret it. Just get the HEMI or the new diesel coming out.

24th May 2013, 23:18

Well I disagree with your disagreement on my post.

First, my comments on the F150 were for the new generation with the 5.0 engine, not the older model. I will take the 5.0 over the hemi any time of the week.

Second, a longhorn Ram has nice leather trims and looks inside, but it has a hemi. My comment on the Ram was for the 4.7L one. Either way, many negative aspects exist in all Rams including the longhorn one, such as the annoying hump in the front passenger foot area, annoying driveshaft hump in the back that prevents you from having lots of space in the back, poor fuel economy, low tow and loading limits compared to the Ford.... and the list goes on and on.

Third, my post had nothing to do with reliability issues. I did not discuss reliability. More about design.

I did say that the new Rams have an edge over the Ford when it comes to the instrument display. I don't like the buttons on the steering wheel the way Ford implemented it. The Ram implementation is much better.

I really feel sorry for you for buying a Ram. What a big mistake you made.

Anyways, that was your experience (assuming you are not a Ram sales guy). That was my experience.

22nd Jun 2013, 00:11

I have had them all. None are any better than the rest. I currently have a 2010 Ram TRX4 with a 4.7 and 3.90 gears. It has plenty of power for towing, gets 20 MPG highway, and is about the best off road truck I've had. They are all good trucks, you just need to do your research and buy the one you like best.

31st Jul 2013, 18:38

I think it's better to trade your Ram with a Ford. Based on your comment, you are a Ford F150 admirer. I got a 2012 Ram 1500 4.7L; the 4.7 liter is much weaker than the Hemi (we all know that), but I don't think it lacks power. I tow and haul more than the average truck owner is towing, but I did not find my truck had the same power as a 4 cylinder car. Do you use your truck to pull an 18 foot boat or trailer? My 4.7 engine can tow going up the mountain doing 110-140kph and still pass vehicles on the road. I don't think that lacks power. If you want to tow and haul big time, you might as well get a 3/4 ton or 1 ton (get the diesel, more torque). But bottom line, the 4.7 liter Powertech engine is one hell of a midsize engine if you know how to use it.

4th Aug 2013, 01:28

Thank you for the comment (31st Jul 2013, 18:38), but with all due respect I disagree with you.

Yes, I admire the power train of the new 5.0 liter engine of the F150 and the spacious interior of it as well, but I am not a Ford fan boy. I think the 5.0L F150 is superior truck to both hemi or non hemi Rams, but if in 2015 Ram gets their head out of their you know what and make a better truck, then by all means I would buy a Ram.

I never towed anything in my Ram. It was brand new. It had no balls whatsoever; it would never squeal a single tire, unlike the Ford's I have been in. My Ram was so pathetic.

And what do you mean if you know how to use it? What is to know? There is a gas pedal and a brake pedal, Tow button and traction control button, and that's it. You must be joking!

My feeling is that Ram made the 4.7L in the new Rams inferior intentionally. They put in wickedly horrible software to limit the power of the engine I think by limiting the throttle intake, which is controlled by software. If you put the gas pedal to the metal from a dig, I think the software of the 4.7L Ram will never open the throttle fully, but instead it partially opens it to limit power. I don't know why Ram would do that, but I think it's just so that the 4.7 would not compete with the Hemi, which is a stupid mistake by Ram.

23rd Sep 2013, 21:30

I own a 2012 Ram 1500 with a Hemi. I believe that the Ram truck is a good quality truck. I've had no problems with it, and other than the MPG, I have no complaints.

Now I think that Ford makes a great truck and it's popularity cannot be denied. It is my opinion however that you get more truck for your money by purchasing a Ram.

29th Sep 2014, 22:40

Umm, after telling all who read this that the Ford F150 5.0 is a far better truck in every way, why didn't the original reviewer buy one instead of the RAM?

7th Oct 2014, 21:18

Shoulda bought a Chevy instead.

17th Mar 2015, 06:13

Original reviewer here responding to (29th Sep 2014, 22:40).

Why I didn't buy a Ford instead? Very good question. Short answer because I was stupid. I never test drove a Ford before buying my Ram. I test drove them (rental trucks for work purposes and colleague trucks) after I bought the Ram. Secondly, the Ram was an impulse buy. A Ford truck would have cost me $10k more. I wish I test drove the Ford before, because if I did, I wouldn't have bought anything, because I would have known then that the Ford is too expensive for my budget, and the Ram is gutless and has horribly designed interior space and horrible gas mileage. In short, lesson learned. Do your home work very well, test drive everything, research, look up reviews, take your SWEET time when testing cars and making up your mind, then think again, then buy, or if not sure, just lease and save yourself the hassle.

Now some might say the new Ram has a diesel engine that gives a good MPG, but they only put it on the premium line, which is way too expensive. Second, they still have inferior utilization of space. But they have good integration of technology, so still fail in my opinion.

Now Ford raised their game again, using Aluminum body panels. Say good bye to rust.

So now the Ford F150 has an aluminum body, superior engines, superior utilization of space, looks much better, and more, and yet the Ram still has that silly transmission hump in the back and the silly transmission hump in the passenger seat foot well, and low head room in the driver's seat and passenger seat. For that I say no thank you Ram, and never again I will look at that brand again.