13th Aug 2010, 22:49

I'm sure the engine's on these cars are great to a point, er, but what about the rest of them?

Someone gave me a lift in one of these 3 wheelers some years back - it was new - and I have never, in my life been in a 'car' that has a more dismal and unstable ride, or felt so unsafe. An old 70's Skoda or Wartburg would have been better transport on all levels, and for that matter far less embarrassing.

Cat's eyes in the road felt like whole cats, and the thing shuddered and rattled around as if it were about to explode.

It felt like a complete deathtrap. I'm sure they are cheap to run, but one can easily buy a real car - for £100-300 second-hand, with four whole wheels, MOT, and solid that is safe and cheap to run and insure. I drive several large expensive high performance beasts, and the insurance is peanuts, and some are tax free. I would suggest that the only reason that Reliant Robins are so cheap to insure etc. is because the likelihood of anyone stealing one is very, very limited - they aren't exactly high up on the list by the average joyrider.

Call me a killjoy, but erm what is the point of them?

These cars seem to attract a certain type of person.. a person who probably thinks a pot noodle could well be a part of a delicious Sunday lunch, caravans are lovely and Crossroads was a masterpiece. I have serous doubts about this 100mph claim, and if it were true, what would happen with a corner or sudden headwind? Does your cheap insurance cover your funeral/ disability costs? Or does anyone really care? Are gnomes worth breeding or do they need a licence?

Sorry guys, had to be said.

11th Oct 2010, 17:31

I have just got a 1995 one, 21 years anniversary edition. 10,000 miles on the clock. Acceleration is one I would never have thought of, or the top speed. Or the fuel economy. BUT it leaves others standing at traffic lights, handles better than TOP GEAR would have, and is fun to drive (rather ride). If you RIDE it like a motor bike, THEN it handles well!!

28th Apr 2011, 07:31

You have to be a VERY skilled to drive a Reliant. If you've been brought up motorcycles and also ridden MC combinations, then you know how to really drive a RELIANT. I love mine to bits, and wouldn't swap it for any of the junk that passes as cars for today, so our critical friend would not have the skill or know how to be able to drive one to day, and let's hope that this person is never allowed to get behind the wheel of one ever. It's the likes of this person that puts our insurance rates up...


24th Aug 2011, 13:50

It's not a red top, which is uprated, it's a yellow top, and it's only found in Rialto 2 models built between 1983 to 1986.

18th Dec 2012, 21:29

I saw one of these tested on Top Gear a while ago.

Looked pretty dangerous. Toppled over every time it went round a corner.

31st May 2015, 23:13

My 1999 does nothing near that with a modified air intake, a custom exhaust manifold, custom made pipe and high spark dizzy. You must have got a really good one.

25th Jan 2017, 21:09

I have a Robin 65 which has only done 3000 or so miles.

I have put lots of bits on it including electronic ignition, new LED bulbs at the rear, new LED side repeaters, LED side lights and new front main bulbs.

As for the speed and 0 to 60, I am not sure, but have fitted new rear Gaz shock absorbers, a new Gaz shocker on the front. This seems to make it better and more sure footed on corners and improves the ride over bumps.

As for speed, I have fitted a sport air filter and a big bore 4 into one exhaust with cherry straight through silencer, which makes the car much quicker and with better acceleration.

I can now out accelerate a BMW round small islands.

What a turn up for the books. Bet he didn't tell them at work.