1969 Reliant Scimitar GTE 3.0 Litre from UK and Ireland


A very beautiful car which is very under-rated


Out riggers needed replacing in 2002.

Alternator broke in 2003.

Wheel bearings wore out and had to be changed in 2005.

General Comments:

For a 35 year old car it, with minor improvements over the years such as polyurethane suspension bushes, uprated shock absorbers, a decent electric fan, it drives and handles superb and always brings a smile to my face.

These cars are very under-rated.

The car is very practical as a four seater and with the added bonus of being able to fold the individual rear seats flat, you can get a lot of luggage in the back of the car.

These cars must be regularly maintained if you want to keep it on the road.

It can be very cheap and easy to maintain, but can be very expensive to repair a GTE which has been poorly maintained.

Most parts are easy to find and relatively cheap to buy.

There are plenty Scimitar owners out there that are always willing to help or give advice to fellow Scimitar owners.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2005

23rd Oct 2006, 22:06

I still have, in full roadworthy condition, the Scimitar I bought in September 1971. As a precaution (living in Australia) I also have a 'spare' car for parts. Funny thing is, the car just never misses a beat. Yes, it is quite dated in comparison with the new Mitsubishi I drive, but it is the Scimitare's sturdiness and sheer driving pleasure that make it, for me, a great car. The engine has minor modifications (different cam, electronic ignition) but has never had the well-known overheating problem. Inside the car is standard, apart from an altimeter and CD player. Prices for used cars in UK seem very low - is rust in the chassis the big killer?

8th Aug 2008, 05:16

Not too sure about the year, but found the bare body of one of these in a yard we used to patrol. Googled it up and it may have been a '66 coupe. It was only a shell, there was no chassis, nothing else at all. I sure hope someone has the smarts to put it back together again.