1987 Reliant Scimitar SS1 Ti 1.8 turbo from UK and Ireland


An excellent second car for high performance motoring in good weather


Electrics, wiring, wiper motor, electrics, electric windows, fuel pump wiring, lights, headlamp motors, electrics, ignition circuitry, wiring... get the picture?

Used to eat track rod ends, due to a problem with the steering system.

Still leaks, even with new quarterlight frames, hood, and seals.

Smokes at idle. Spent loads trying to fix but it always comes back.

General Comments:

Has been much more reliable since I stopped taking it to a main dealer for regular (3000 mile) servicing. I don't think it likes being tinkered with.

Extremely fast, and holds corners far beyond my own limits (at least in the dry). Can't imagine finding better performance for the money.

Great fun, but make sure your breakdown membership is up to date!

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Review Date: 29th August, 2000

20th Jan 2001, 05:21

As I am looking for a car like the SS1 but RELIABLE, I found this information very helpful. Thanks for putting it on the web.

20th Sep 2001, 14:26

The first car I purchased was an SS!1 and I loved it to bits. Sadly the chassis rusted away and I could not afford to rebuild or replace it. If I had the money I would definitely buy another. The handling in these cars is a delight.