1987 Renault 11 1.4 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Complete french originality


The car ran reasonably well for the first 11 months, then the fan hit the proverbial. The waterpump failed, leading to the motor being totally cooked.

General Comments:

The R11 was a smooth riding car and a willing performer. It always started, the transmission was a little clunky when cold, but when it was warm it worked perfectly.

The R11 was an unusual car. I saw only one other R11 in my travels.

After the engine meltdown, I sold it for two dozen beers.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2008

1987 Renault 11 TC 1.2 cc petrol from UK and Ireland


A underrated bargain, reliable, quick and fun


New radiator, there was a small leak, I could have got it welded, but decided a new radiator was the best option.

Drivers window won't wind down (you have to help it with your hand!).

Digital Clock packed up years ago.

Sunroof rattles after I took it out a few times.

General Comments:

As most of the other reviews state, these are very underrated cars. Every mechanic that I've ever taken this car to tells me how they are good reliable cars with fantastic engines.

I'm about to reluctantly sell my 11 after five very happy years. As this is my first car I've really driven it hard, and its still started every time. Its big, the boot is cavernous (especially with the seats down). Compared to my friends first cars (Rover Metro's, Fiesta's, Polo's) it was bigger, faster and in a different class as far as reliability was concerned. It does suffer from body roll, but if you learn how to drive it properly you can minimize this and it can be a fun little drive.

Although they are quite old now (they stopped making them in 1989), I'd definitely reccommend them as a first car. You can drive them to the limit for years and they just refuse to break. Mines been through everything with me (moving house, holidays, the daily rush hour) and always come up smelling of roses! Yes bits of trim will break, but you'll have to do something pretty serious to break the engine. Faster than you'd think only the fact that I can now afford a sports car has meant I'm saying a fond farewell to my 11.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2003

14th Feb 2007, 04:20

I agree I've just brought my first car and it's a like 11 but it starts first time every time. Its nineteen years old and is a great runner. Good acceleration and braking. I enjoy it everytime I takes it for a spin.

1987 Renault 11 TS 1.4 Gasoline from Argentina


A very noble vehicle


Clutch system slipping, changed.

1º gear not synchronized.

5º gear hard to put.

Gear leaks (very little).

Front brake pads changed.

Hand brake button broken, change all system.

Fan electrical engine had it´s coils burned out, replaced (hard to find).

All inside lights burned out or dimmed, replaced.

Valves noisy, had them regulated, the car had Compressed Natural Gas system before I bought it.

General Comments:

Incredible good acceleration. (Weber technology)

The engine oil doesn't get dark.

The engine doesn't leak.

Excellent mileage. (6Km /L)

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Review Date: 7th February, 2003

1987 Renault 11 Turbo 1.4 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


Performance with comfort, good looks and reasonable economy


Gearbox oil leak fixed under warranty at 12000.

Lost count of the number of failed clutch cables, about one every 15000 or so.

Front shock absorbers failed at 20000 replaced with originals which lasted untill I sold the car.

Brake pads every 20000.

Exhaust rear section every 18 months.

Headlights replaced due to internal corrosion at 60000.

Steering rack replaced at 75000.

General Comments:

This was the series 2 model which I think looked a lot nicer. Very comfortable and pretty interior, seats lacking in support for spirited driving though!

Very underrated car which didn't attract too much attention, but had plenty of performance and an excellent chassis.

Very reasonable on fuel if it was driven on torque rather than revs, rev it hard and the fuel consumption suffered. On holiday and keeping to speed limits would return 40 miles to the gallon though.

I found the brakes to be only just adequate and found it easy to make them fade. (dealer pads were always fitted)

Very awkward to work on with very little space in the engine bay. Still had the original clutch and turbo unit when the car was sold.

No rust anywhere as to be expected with later Renaults.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2002