1987 Renault 11 Turbo 1.4 petrol turbo from Poland


Extremely unreliable, but lots of fun


It'll be much faster to list things that haven't failed, but let's try:

Starting engine failed at 150,000.

Battery charging failed at 170,000 and at 190,000.

Gearbox problems - not too annoying at the beginning (140,000), but now grinding sounds at every gear.

Rear axle bushings vanished and gone at 162,000 kms.

Oil leaks from head gasket at < 100,000 kms.

All wheel bearings noisy after 150,000 kms.

Front hemiaxles failures are routine.

McPherson column spring's lower handle blew up at 192000 kms, tearing off the tyre.. very very spectacular effects, especially at the highway.. you hear a huge "double BANG!" and pray for your life..

Enough? :)

General Comments:

This car is really a nice performer, leaves behind almost every car from it's class, consuming fair amounts of fuel (unless you don't floor it too much)... handles like heck.. Fortunately the spares are cheap, and once you can fix things on your own, and become independent from crappy Renault service, running this car becomes really affordable.

After 12 - 15 years of service - it may become dangerous - the engine performance is still the same, but the key systems become highly unreliable.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2002

19th Jan 2003, 10:08

What is wrong with you? I have a renault 11 turbo and it has passed 200 000 km, and obviously everything is normal. I have happily passed without all these problems. that car have saved my life thrice, and I have changed just the consumatives like filters and oil.

10th Feb 2003, 15:15

I agree with the previous comment. My Renault 11 turbo dating from may 1984 was totalizing 250000 kms and during her 15 years of service I didn't met such big problems.

Just remember that you must drive slowly during the first kilometers and this car will be the best you've ever had.

Chris from France.

8th Jun 2004, 20:57

I have a 11 Turbo from 1986 with 180.000 Km and it works very well. Only a few electric problems with some of its equipment. The engine is very nice and it can sustain some bad treatments. Driving with it is a pleasure and it's very fast, specially to overtakes.

Carlos from Portugal.

1987 Renault 11 GTX 1.4 from UK and Ireland


With decent build quality it could have been very nice


Carburettor faults at each service or MOT test.

The clutch pedal broke (!) at about 5000 miles.

Replacement clutch pedal also broke within a couple of months.

Clutch used to stick and never operated smoothly.

New carburettor at about 30,000 miles.

Engine mount broke at 70,000 miles.

Electric fan broke at 70,000 miles.

It often failed to start for no good reason in the bad weather (especially snow).

Back seats, dash, electric, all fell apart quite regularly. Build quality is not very good.

General Comments:

Handling was a little wayward.

Ride quality was a little harsh.

The seats (especailly the front seats) were really nice.

The steering was very precise and quite light.

The reliability was not all it should have been.

The build quality was poor.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2001