22nd Oct 2004, 17:58

Point taken, however in the 1990's (when I owned the car) - $250 was about as cheap as a car that runs could be. While I know Renault 16s were considered luxurious when new, 20 years on, they were not! Neverhteless, they had become somewhat of a cult car for inner city lefties, greenies and old hippies :) Whatever the case, I think you misinterpreted my evaluation of the car. I loved it! I would own one again if I could find a decent one. Sadly in Australia, over the last five years or so, they have rapidly disappeared from our roads. It is rare to see one advertised for sale. Other than the numerous old examples I have seen rusting away on farmer's properties, I think it is the end of the 16 in Australia?

14th Jan 2007, 18:52

I just wanted to add my own childhood memories.

Back in the 70's we lived in the U.K. A 72 Renault 16 TS was my dads first new car after several used BMC/Leylands.

At that time the Renault 16 was ahead of it's time being a hatchback with front drive. It was probably the most comfortable car we ever owned, being soft sprung and with well padded seats.

We had to wait 6 months for delivery from the factory in France because mom & dad wanted it in cream. I don't think we ever saw another cream-coloured R16 in the U.K.

24th Feb 2007, 02:07

Hey, talking about R16 Ts, TX, and TL! I have owned these cars, just because of the design and riding comfort. Man, I still remember my experience in driving these fine beautiful cars. Remembering how I put up my own business just to fix R16's and applying some Japanese parts so that it could run.

All the troubles owning these cars gave me the patience to keep it, until I gave up, to have a time for my kids!

Right now I am buying my friend's R16Tx!

Oh! forgot to tell you all I am here in The Philippines! thanks!

15th Nov 2007, 13:26

Japanese parts in a Renault??? That is kind of weird seeing as Renault had to buy a chunk of Nissan to keep them afloat and then show them how to build cars. Notice how much better the cars have become?

9th Jan 2011, 18:54

I owned 2 R16 (a TL Auto 1972 then a TX 1976), and whilst I loved them for their comfort and design, they rusted like crazy in the damp UK weather.

I worked on these cars in just about every area of the vehicle, and the worst thing was that the rust spread throughout the untreated, water -trapping, mild steel plate that most of the car was made of.

I replaced the rear chassis rails on the 72 TL Auto (chiselled them off and gas welded new on) - what a job that was. The front jacking point would eventually collapse through into the hollow space under the front angled footwell. The rear outer trailing arm mounting (needle bearing and rubber mounted) would eventually be held by two long bolts through paper-thin rusting metal. The problem was that the box-section design held the english rain in place for the rust to run amok.

You guys living in dry climates were lucky you enjoyed the 16 for longer than here in the UK - the last 16 I saw was in the late 90's. I would imagine there are still R12's, as they had a more open design of frame, and I suspect that this led to better design (the R14 apparently rusted badly too). Nowadays such corrosion would be unthinkable.

I still read reviews of the old 16 with a little sentimentality, but the modern cars with their clever composite, anodised, lightweight non-rusting components (in the main) really do make the 70's and 80's the dark age of motoring - for me at least. Could you imagine a car being fitted with a glass expansion bottle, or a fuel tank that sits inside the trunk (boot) and forms the load-floor? No thanks.