1986 Renault 25 TX 2.2i from Czech Republic


Comfort on wheel's


When I buy this car, it was broken. Radio was out, dashboard broken, etc..

Few day's after buy, was engine fall down, and I must buy used one.

General Comments:

Renault 25 is very comfortable car. It is perfect for long distance travel, passenger are not kurva unaveny. Engine is for this car strong and good. Higher model have more comfortable electronic.. such a central lock, ABS, electronic windows, perfect original radio Phillips, board computer, electronic mirror and speaking synthesizer. Some V6 and Baccara has leather interior. I buy my car for 400 euro - its cheap.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2005

17th Apr 2008, 19:16

Yes, the Monaco has leather too, so that's good because it's a 2.0.

1986 Renault 25 GTS 2.0 gasoline from Finland


A pretty good car


I have some problem's with my braking system, but the race was very good.

General Comments:

The car keep some noise, but that doesn't mind because I listen music very loud.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2003

1986 Renault 25 GTX 2.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


An unreliable, flatulent blob


Down pipe disintegrated near manifold.

Manifold gasket blew.

Front wheel bearings gave up.

Gearbox constantly dripping oil.

Slow oil leak from engine.

New coil.

Engine would die for no apparent reason.

Front and rear struts replaced.


ECU problems.

Misfiring regardless of how much I tried to keep it in tune.

Injectors replaced.

Interior god awful build quality.

General Comments:

What a heap, I often wonder if people who give these cars smiley faces have ever driven another car... try it! you'll realise what a heap of crap you've been driving all these years.

Driving along the road the oil pressure gauge dropped, the engine died and the stupid incredibly annoying talking computer says DANGER, DANGER, PULL OVER AND TAKE TO NEAREST GARAGE. I jump out thinking it was about to explode... and nothing, just the usual diabolical French electronics playing up.

The French know nothing about quality engineering.. absolutely nothing.

God help anyone who buys a new Laguna, with all those millions of pointless gadgets just itching to go wrong.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2003

23rd Mar 2003, 07:27

All of these malfunctions are just normal for a 1986 car! 17 years old car needs some of repairs to be done. By the way, my 1985. R-25 2.2 GTX injection is still running very well after 525.000 kilometers passed. I have just sold it, now I have 1989. R-25 V6! Best car ever made!

1986 Renault 25 GTX 2.2 petrol from Spain


Big, fast, comfortable... and expensive to drive.


Broken on-board computer (petrol level).

3rd gear very noisy.

Broken ventilation control, only "all" or "nothing" positions.

It "drinks" a lot of petrol.

Electric problems, and start-engine failures.

General Comments:

Good perfomance, due to a good weight-power factor (9.8 Kg/Hp), almost impossible today in a car of this class. I can drive in the line of 200 km/h without big sounds or vibrations.

Good chassis too, it handles very well. However, it has a lot of weight over the front wheels, so on mountain roads it's a little slow.

Quite good brakes, but I don't have ABS.

Very good comfort. Big and comfortable seats (better than my home!), low noise, and a lot of space (I'm 190 cm tall, and I can sleep inside!)

Drinks a lot of petrol, much more on city driving.

He lies when he speaks (He say to me "low petrol" when I have just recharged 50 liters)!

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Review Date: 4th June, 2001

2nd Sep 2001, 14:20

About the fan control module, have you tried to repair it? Because it is very easy to do so. There are almost no electronics, it is made of simple switches, that need simple cleaning, once in a while.

If you need some advice, that I can help, write to yassen_d@Yahoo.com


25th Jan 2002, 00:10

With the ventilator switch - It is probably just dirty inside, I had the same problem with the one in my R25, also in one of the power window switches was dirty inside.

1986 Renault 25 GTX 2.2 petrol from Spain


Fast and comfortable, I can compare it with a Laguna or Safrane


Problems with the on board computer, such as blanks or tilts.

Electric problems.

Gearbox very irregular, a lot of vibrations in 3rd gear and reverse gear.

General Comments:

A very comfortable car, with a good perfomance.

I think that is a safe car, and it feels very good on highways and fast roads.

Pedals (except clutch), keys, gearbox and steering wheel are very, very soft.

Ah, he... smokes a lot.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2001

1986 Renault 25 GTS 2.0 from Netherlands


Better than most people think, I bought a second one


Electric radiator fan broke down.

General Comments:

Very reliable, very comfortable, very stylish.

My father bought the car in 1990 with 80000 kilomters, it has never broken down.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2000

26th May 2001, 13:45

I agree sir!!!

30th Dec 2005, 10:38

I have a Renault 25 car (model 1986) for 3 years and I'm very pleased with it. I think it's a great car!

10th Apr 2008, 20:07

I just love R25's the best car have ever had but just look out for bad autos or head gasket's

25th Aug 2009, 06:08

I certainly love Renault 25. It is a very elegant, smooth running car. I do still have problem with some mechanical devices or components. Unfortunately don't have a qualified mechanic to do the service for me in my country. Can anyone help...??? I will keep this car for all my life.