28th Mar 2003, 06:02

All those faults occurred within a 5 month period in 1992, the year I purchased the car, and I put that in the review as first year of ownership, so that only made it 6 years old, and it only had approx 40,000 miles on the clock.

To me pleasure and reliability in a car does not mean how many miles it can clock up, but how it gets there and how it behaves on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

My current car has done 60,000 miles in 3 years without a single electrical or mechanical malfunction, it is a Japanese car and I do not believe you can say the same about Renault's.

2nd Aug 2003, 12:28

Hi: I live in Finland, where Volvo dealerships also sell Renault. This is the reason why so few R 25's are in Finland

(or Scandinavia, for that matter) I bought my first R25 V6 in 1988, a 2 year old car (1986 model) that had been driven by a guy who did not care for servicing, just driving. Luckily I know several Renault mechanics, who helped me fix the car (specially the dashboard electronics). Now (2003)

I have 560.000 kilometers on it with very little work, only major work was one valve replaced as the Mechanical fuel injection was tuned too lean for maximum mileage. I like the R 25 so much that I have bought another 25 V6 with only 260.000 kilometres on, with automatic transmission. I like to cruise in city with the automatic and use the older manual R 25 for longer trips. As value of money, looks and driving comfort, I don't think there is anything near R 25, especially now, when really good (newer) R 25's are available in Germany for 1000- 1500 euros !

R 25 V6 forever!!! Jukka Vatanen

21st May 2004, 01:52

I have owned a 1988 25 gtx which I bought at 210,000 km and sold at 320,000 km. The only thing's that were replaced were the alternator and standard service items, it never let me down. I currently own a 1989 25 gtx in which I've done 190,000 km and I have replaced the front shocks and service items. brilliant cars and very comfortable. the thing to remember is that they were built for long distances (i do over 1000 km a week). when I first got these cars they had a few electrical problems, to fix them I took 1 day taking all electrical connections apart and cleaning them with a good contact spray, which also stopped the voice computer giving false warnings (voice computer is located above the glove box in rhd cars).

26th Dec 2005, 21:20

Hello, I am from Chile and I have a 1988 25 GTS. In my country Renault has a strong presence, but principally with small/medium cars like Clio and Megane and here the 25 is a very extrange car, is very difficult to find one. Mi 25 has 165.000 kms, and is still riding like new. I also had Japanese cars (Honda and Mitsubishi) and if I have to make a judge, I give the advantage in electronics to the Japanese, but in mechanics to the French's.

But in style and elegance... French's, by far.

28th Nov 2006, 13:54

I had a '86 Renault GTX it was a hunk of junk, the Alternater died, the Starter motor then died and I needed a new Muffler, not to mention it STALLS :/

30th Nov 2006, 00:32

And you expect a 20 year old car to be perfect?!

My R25 did nearly 200,000 miles before before someone crashed it. It had the odd problem, but I will always look back at it as my favourite car of all time.

29th Sep 2007, 16:12

I think you always will find happy owners, no matter how bad a car is. There will always be some cars with few or no problems, no matter how bad the overall quality of the particular model is. In fact renault's are among the worst cars in just about every good survey. Now, the general quality has improved over the years, but considering how bad it was, it couldn't really get much worse. Renault 20/30 is a good example, one of the most unreliable piece of crap ever made. It's hard to argue with statistics in this case, as that is the only real way to judge these things. A lot of people have problems with these cars, get over it, and stop complaining about it because you are happy with your own cars. It's a car manufacturer, not worth getting defensive over.

19th Feb 2008, 03:55

Renault 25 GTX is a good car, but in our country it is really hard to buy spare parts so we are in a big mess my friends. I really am disapointed of the poor service of renault. Please help me to find spares for my car if possible.