1987 Renault 25 GTS 2.0 from UK and Ireland


In my opinion, the best R25 overall and a far better car than many people believe


Nothing worth talking about. In 13 years it's had a couple of batteries, a clutch (cost £97 fitted) and a few other minor things. I've heard of two year old cars with far more problems.

General Comments:

Extremely comfortable, reliable and good looking car. Still no rust after 13 years and a fair mileage.

40-45 MPG can be achieved on longer runs.

Must be the most reliable model in the range as everyone you speak to says the 2.0 manual's just go on and on. Shame the Auto boxes weren't built as well as the manual!

I'd recommmend a well looked after GTS or TX to anyone who wants a cheap to own older car which you can pick up for next to nothing.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2000

24th May 2001, 17:06

I agree with the above stated a hundred percent. The Renault 25 has a wonderful, elegant design, a "bullet proof" engine (often said to survive more than 300 000 km), and for its money offers a level of comfort similar to Mercedes and BMW.

If you have any questions, or problems that I can help with a piece of advice, email me at:


Yassen Dimitrov, Sofia, Bulgaria.

13th Aug 2001, 13:26

Hi, an update on my R25 GTS. Well, I sold it and got a Laguna RXE and I wish I hadn't. The R25 had a soul. The Laguna has a face. The R25 was the very epitomy of reliability. I haven't seen the Laguna for nearly 2 weeks due to a knackered engine. And while I drive round in a Pug 405 Diesel (YUCHHH!) my R25 happily glides past every day with it's new, very happy owner at the helm! I am not alone in saying if the R25 was still made I would be at the front of a long queue for a new one..

2nd Jun 2002, 23:59

Yes, I too have had a wonderful time with a 1986 2.2 manual. I avoided the automatic model because of the terrible reputation it has. Wonderful, big, relatively cheap to run, trouble free - what more can you ask for?

Paul - New Zealand.

25th Sep 2009, 04:28

I recently bought a second hand Renault 25 GTS. Believe it or not, Renault 25 is the most marvelous car I have ever known and driven. It moves so smoothly and shiftily, just like mamba in the African jungle. So elegantly internally and externally.

My biggest problem I am encountering these days is that there are no experienced mechanics to do the right service for this car here in Egypt. Very disappointing. But I will keep it no matter what!!!. I have already fallen in love with this Renault 25 anyway. Anyone wishing to share more information about this car can write to me. e-mail: ochanpakech@yahoo.com