1990 Renault 25 Monaco 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


I now have a R19 RT


(Battery Went Flat this cost 30 Pounds to replace).

(some dash bulbs blew this did not cost a lot).

General Comments:

(This Car is very smooth and you could fall asleep).

The car handles very well on the road for a front wheel drive.

It would eat xr2 and xr3 for breakfast.

The R25 cabin is very roomy however I no longer have this car,

I sold it what a mistake I made.

I now have a R19 RT, but I like R25 better.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2004

1990 Renault 25 GTS 2.0 Lt from Turkey


Good bargain and reliable


Due to sun expose interior parts went apart.

Due to sun expose and heat bonnet paint lost it's color.

Central locking system went wrong a few times needed replacement of some parts.

Lack of power due to 2.0 lt engine.

Lack of characteristics.

General Comments:

Above all a reliable car.

Good handling.

Comfortable seats (Not for long journeys)

Good brakes, keeps in line.

Good airconditioning.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2004

10th Apr 2008, 19:54

(Not for long journeys) you must be kidding this is what this car was made for.

I had a R25 Monaco and I went all over the country, and I never got back ea-ck) best car I ever had.

3rd Aug 2009, 02:56

I drove a 25 gts from 2002 till 2005. And he is not kidding. I also thought (as Renault has specialists only designing the seats), that it was a utmost comfortable car. Until I drove it from Belgium to Bretagne. The soft seat, after 6 or 7 seven hours, turned itself against me. My bottom was hurting and I really didn't know how to sit anymore. The reason for that was that the seat was way to soft, and every muscle was 'stretched' until it started to hurt. The car was low mileage and the seats were pretty much new, at the time. This trip was in 2004, and I still remember how it hurt.

6th Aug 2009, 18:01

The Renault 25 GTs had sport seats that's way.

I have had a Honda Civic VTi; yep good car but that's what you call a uncomfortable seats.

7 hours I was hurting after 3 hours in the Honda Civic.

The R25 Monaco and the Renault 25 TXE Executive and Baccara all had leather interiors, so yes you had the wrong model.

30th Sep 2009, 13:52

I had the same, some years ago. Everything is correct, sluggish engine. And what look like nice and comfortable seats, at first, becomes only clear when you have long journeys. Your 'behind' starts to feel uncomfortable, because the cushions are too soft. It becomes very annoying after 6 - 7 hours.

2nd Dec 2009, 12:45

All cars are uncomfortable after 6 - 7 hours.

So yes Renault, well done on the Renault 25.

2nd Dec 2009, 13:22

"All cars are uncomfortable after 6 - 7 hours"

I beg to differ as I have taken 10 hour trips in my Saab 9-3 and was not uncomfortable at all. Those Saab seats are very comfortable on long trips.

9th Dec 2009, 20:17

10 hour trips? What, without stopping?

If so, don't you think that's a bit dangerous for other people on the road? Remember, tiredness kills.

1990 Renault 25 TXI 2.0 multivalve from UK and Ireland


Reliable fast cruiser


So far nothing, other than general service items, tyres, brakes etc.

Front anti roll bar drop link bushes need replacing, but this is only a 1 hour job.

Air conditioning condenser has sprung a leak, but I can live with with this until I find another.

General Comments:

This is my 7th Renault 25,and has been as reliable and comfortable as all the others.

My last one, a `92 TXI Executive blew a head gasket at 110000 miles, but this one came up before I had a chance to fix it, so I just sold it on as seen.

I would definitely buy another TXI, as they are reliable, economical day to day cars; mine averaging about 27mpg.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2003

27th May 2006, 14:18

Best car in the world.