1990 Renault 25 V6 2.8 injection from Slovenia


Who needs a Jaguar if you have a Renault 25!!


I am just changing oil and tires, nothing else.

General Comments:

I am only 21 years old and this is my third Renault 25, and I simply love this car because it just runs, runs and runs.

My first had 618000km on the clock and it was still going 200km/h with no problem!!!

Now I have this one, which is like it came from the manufacturer yesterday.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2003

1990 Renault 25 V6i Monaco 2.9i from Australia and New Zealand


Wonderfully Gallic


Transmission leak when purchased.

Battery replaced at116,000km.

CV boots replaced at 125,000km.

Accelerator cable replaced 125,000km.

Front brake rotors and hoses replaced at 132,000km.

Steering rack boots replaced at 138,000km.

Alternator belt replaced at 143,000km.

General Comments:

When new this car cost more than a reasonably priced house here in New Zealand, so it must have been a special car to the doctor who bought it.

Its second owner had to pay $4,000 for a transmission rebuild a month after buying it.

It is my second 25 and they really reflect how well they have been looked after. The first one was a succession of niggly problems with the car never being quite right, but this one has been a joy to own and drive.

The V6 is a wonderfully smooth engine and the 4 speed gearbox a real improvement over the old 3 speed unit, however I often muse over the possibility of converting it to a manual.

I put Bi-Tron in everything 4 years ago and it made the gearbox very smooth and improved the economy which is great for a car of this size. 8.2l/100km on trips is easily attained.

Having the consumption showing on the trip computer certainly changed my driving style.

I hope the next 5 years are as good as the last.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2003

1990 Renault 25 R Baccara 2.9 from Germany


One of the best cars ever built by Renault


So far I cannot complain about any item that broke of my fully equipped R 25.

Even the automatic gear is working properly so far (but as far as I know it was replaced at 80000 km before I got the car)

Only the brakes on the rear are a matter of frequent repair. This I was told is typical for the R 25.

Of course the consumption of gasoline is quite high especially in the city traffic (about 13-15 litres). On highways at steady speed of 110 km/h I was able to reach 8,9 litres/100 km which is acceptable.

General Comments:

The comfort of this car is excellent.

Driving with it is always a pleasure.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2002

1990 Renault 25 TXE 2.0 injection from UK and Ireland


A lot of car for little money


Fusible link on the live feed from the battery blew at 177000 miles.

Voice computer started telling lies at 170000 miles.

General Comments:

More reliable than the wife.

Electrics let it down.. but not major... silly faults

Bodywork perfect.. will sail its next mot.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2002

1990 Renault 25 TX 2.2 petrol injection from Bulgaria


The brightest jewel in the crown of Renault


The thermostat was broken -Replaced it for $10.

The fourth-level of the air-blower motor did not run (I repaired it - the switch was dirty).

The upper plastic door panels on the inside were partially peeled off (probably from the sun).

Otherwise - nothing serious.

General Comments:

I bought the car from a Bulgarian for $3000, who acquired it from a German diplomat.

I was so pleased with the deal that for additional $1000 I installed an air-conditioner (from a smashed car), and liquid gas fuel system.

The interior is typically French - with lots of space, luxury and a huge trunk.

Still - the version with rear drum brakes is a little bit weak on braking (I regret I could not find a car in this condition with rear disc brakes and anti-locking brake system).

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2001