1991 Renault 25 TXE Executive 2.0 petrol injection from UK and Ireland


French style and comfort at a bargain price


Dashboard computer needed replacing. This was blown by previous owner jump-starting the car incorrectly.

Refurbished alternator.

New brake discs and pads on front.

General Comments:

A very comfortable car with leather and electric seats. The ride is smooth and the handling is good for a car of this size.

The automatic gearbox is not very smooth and saps the power making overtaking something to be avoided unless there is plenty of room. The fuel consumption is better than expected, but by no means frugal.

The controls are generally logical and easy to use apart from the slightly awkward centre console switches which haven't been altered from the original left hand drive format.

The brakes are somewhat spongy, but still effective. However, the throttle pedal can be uncomfortable on long journeys. Again, this is a result of being a right hand drive car. Cruise control would ease this.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2003

1991 Renault 25 TX 2.2i from Netherlands


A car with a soul


Brake oil leakage.

Defective dynamo.

Defective air filter due to a 'backfire'.

I have learned that when some problem appears, it is recommended to wait a few days before taking any action, because 80% of the problems just disappear. This car appears to be self repairing.

Lots of oil leakage now. I have accepted this and I do nothing against it. The car burns no oil at all.

General Comments:

I live in the Netherlands and I drive my 25TX on LPG which is a commonly available fuel here. This car has proven to be very reliable and is great fun to drive every day. I have driven it now for 7.5 years and I covered an impressive 270.000 kilometres with it. Over all these years, I have had to spend very little on the car and I have over not noticed an increase in costs over the years.

The only problem I have at this moment is some difficulty with the cold start, because when the motor is cold it easily cuts out (also during the first few kilometres). One day I hope to find the reason for this problem, because this would be the only reason to buy another car. And newer cars seldom have the soul of a Renault 25. If anyone has any suggestion, please let me know.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2001

1991 Renault 25 TXE 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


The best old banger on the road


Nothing whatsoever (fingers crossed) yet. In this 25's first year with me, the only problem is that the exhaust center section has a small hole in it.

General Comments:

How I wish I had kept the 2.2i engine out of my 1984 GTX, the 2.0i has noticeably less torque which means many down changes here in hilly Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Comparably though, the phase 2 R25 has a slightly firmer ride and is a little easier to corner hard than the older models, which tended to wallow through bends.

I am 26 years old and have been driving Renault 25's since I was 20.

My friends used to laugh at me until I took 6 of us on holiday in it, it cruised like a dream on a 650 mile round trip, managing 41.8 miles per gallon at its peak.

I certainly will buy another 25, as long as there are examples out there with good bodywork (have you ever seen a badly corroded 25?). But I would steer clear of automatics, and the multi valve engine is to be avoided, they have trouble with overheating as well as a reputation for blowing head gaskets.

The most important piece of advice I would give to a potential 25 buyer is make sure the speedometer works!!

I don't think that there is any other repair that your local non-franchised Renault specialist wouldn't be able to sort out.

Oh yes, and 3 of my friends now drive 25's, an '89 2.2i manual, a '90 2.2i manual, and an '84 2.2i manual with full leather interior, 180,000 miles and acquired for the measly sum of 150 pounds.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2001

5th Jun 2001, 14:20

Great to hear about your 25. I drove an R25 for nearly 5 years. Loved it to bits. Am now driving a Laguna 2.0 RXE 1998 with 106,000 miles so far, but sort of miss the 25, even though the Laguna is leagues ahead in many respects.

Best wishes!

2nd Jun 2002, 17:52

Having read through some of the reviews it seems that the auto box is to be avoided and that Renault have never made a good auto. I would suggest that they should try a well maintained 25 as in all the years I have driven Renault cars which is now 40 years. I have never had a gearbox problem and found the auto box to be much better when changing gear than on any car in it's class. I would agree that the V6 is to be avoided if you are unwilling to pay the price should any thing go wrong. Of-course this doesn't happen every day. In short any well kept 25 will give you years of good service. I am on my third one, but only because other drivers like to run into 25's.