12th Jul 2002, 02:44

I have been in the motor trade for thirty years and in that time, things have changed, wow have they changed. There are many used cars out there which are grossly under-rated and the Renault 25 is one of them. The very best examples of these cars can be bought for as little as five hundred pounds, often much less. It should be remembered that when new, this luxury car would cost about the same as a terraced house (north of Watford that is)! A well groomed and cared for example offers superb value for money.

28th Mar 2005, 18:51

I have 3 R25`s now, 2 of them are 1986 "Phase I" one manual, the other automatic, both V6. They are great to ride, the older PRV6 engine is very sturdy. No rust on any of the cars, spite of terrible winter conditions in Finland. The V6 automatic with 4140 gearbox had a problem when I got it, and yes... it failed after I drove it about a year. Now I have a "Phase II" V6 with black leather interior and only 160.000 kilometers on it- hardly run in!

The newer V6 engine has a gorgeous torque and together with the 4 speed automatic gearbox, is really a joy to run.

Together with Peugeot 605, Renault 25 is one of the nicest cars around.

18th Sep 2005, 12:13

What a joy to find fellow R25 enthusiasts. I am currently driving my 4th, and can't think of another car that comes close for comfort, value and looks. I've had 2 automatics, one leaked dreadfully, but still worked, the one I have now is as smooth as silk and never spills a drop. Oh, and I'm in Sheffield too, and I've only ever seen one other example here. would love to hear from fellow owners.

12th Mar 2008, 20:11

Hi I used to have a R25 20i 8v Monaco; tell you something, I want it back.

When these cars have been looked after, you can't beat them, so if you find one go for it.

Have been looking for one. There's not many left now, so come on Renault, remake it.

I wish.