2020 Renault Captur ZEN 1.3 TCE 130 EDC from Romania


A great new generation Renault, which is more and more close to being a premium model


The car is brand new, so, as expected, everything is working clockwise.

General Comments:

The new Captur caught my attention since its launch. The car is well equipped with a lot of standard equipment, I only added the hands free feature, and 17 inch alloys.

I opted for the 1.3 TCE 130 engine, because of its good performance. I made a test drive with the smaller 1.0 engine with 100 hp; I felt that the car was struggling uphill with that engine and the car was feeling heavy. So I went for the 1.3 engine with 130 hp. This engine combined with the 7 speed automatic (EDC) is a blast to drive. For performance it's quite similar if not better than my previous 1.9 DCI Renault Megane III.

The car is very comfortable to drive, great visibility in the front, not so much in the back, but thanks to its parking sensors, that's not a problem. The materials used in the car are of very good quality, a lot of soft touch materials, and this is in the ZEN version; the INTENSE version has an even higher quality interior.

Overall this is a great car made by Renault, looks good inside and out, hopefully it will prove its reliability as the previous model did, and this is my first petrol car in years, so fingers crossed.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2020

2019 Renault Captur Intens TCE Energy 90 0.9 petrol (turbo) from Belgium


Something completely different


Nothing. Waiting for delivery.

General Comments:

Waiting for delivery of the car, so I can't tell you much. We needed a second car, mainly as a runabout. Visited Cardoen.be, a supermarket for cars, saw this one at a very interesting price (5.500 EUR discount!) and bought it. Veni, vidi, vici.

It's the basic model with the 3 cylinder 0.9 turbo petrol engine, red colour with a black roof. Small SUV-like car, but with decent boot and space at the back for 2 adults. I'm 6ft1 and could fit easily in the back with leg room to spare. I test drove it and liked it... You have to rev it a bit to get going but then it's quite nippy. Decent specs too (automatic folding mirrors, parking aid front and back, navigation system, etc), not that this is a top priority for me; the less options, the less can go wrong.

The last 30 years or so I've only driven diesel cars, either saloons or MPVs. So this is something completely different. Eagerly awaiting the papers to get it registered and on the road. Will keep you posted.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2019

20th Feb 2022, 18:02

Short update after a good 2 years of ownership and 17.000 km. On the negative side, consumption is quite high for a small vehicle with a small engine, can't get it under 7 l/100 km. Don't think I'd buy another 3-cylinder, they are noisier & rougher than a 4-cylinder. The interior and exterior finishing doesn't feel like being bulletproof. On the positive side, no problems (apart from a dead battery in one of the car keys, 5 euro), quite fast & comfortable on the motorway.

2016 Renault Captur Signature Nav 0.9L from UK and Ireland


Great specs on paper and looks fab, but what a croc of the brown stuff


This was a replacement NEW order for an Iconic Nav which was supplied to me mis-built and I rejected under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. However this review is for the replacement new Signature Nav.

On this brand new one the R-Link rubbish doesn't work and the driver's window doesn't work.

General Comments:

Beautiful car, but the R-Link 'infotainment' (if 'infotainment' is what we call piles of brown stuff these days) is just AWFUL!! It has never managed to maintain a stable connection to the network and has zero support for iPhones. The voice recognition would be outdone by the village cat and there is nil support for Siri. The last part is particularly annoying as the supposed inferior MediaNav has been upgraded with Siri support.

Anyway, design flaws of the R-Link aside, it simply does not work. The 2.75G (yep folks, welcome to the 80s) continually cycles between connected/disconnected which means no HD TomTom (yes TomTom in 2016... WTF?) and no weather, traffic updates, system updates or access to Renault store etc.

Faults happen, but the 'Connectivity Support' at Renault have no idea why it doesn't work. They are based in Portugal and after three weeks have just escalated it to the technical team in France. Absolute rubbish support.

I am sure the very good local dealership can fix the window, but really - is that good enough for the second car in as many months??? As for the R-Link, I have my doubts that will ever work.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2016

9th Jul 2016, 20:48

None of those infotainment issues bother me - so what's gone wrong with the car? Has it broken down?

14th Jul 2016, 14:11

There are no comments on the car and only on the electrics on the phone and sat nav. I have had a car since the 1960s and my Captur is the best is the best I have owned, and is reliable and economical.

13th Oct 2016, 22:13

Hmmm... seems Renault have built a tablet not up to your expectations. Next time buy a car.

My Dad's on his 2nd Captur and he rates it highly.

14th Nov 2016, 19:03

Haven't got a Captur but looking into one. If the main critique is lack of Internet connection... I feel sorry for you.

I want a report on the car a bit more in general.

23rd Jun 2020, 21:56

As with the other replies... this review tells us nothing (other than the electric window not working) about the car!

1/10 for performance... 0/10 for reliability?! (Presumably scores for the R-Link). But 10/10 for comfort? So the actual car is good then?

A bit skewed!

24th Jun 2020, 18:52

It's just the owners experience reflected in the scores. I didn't write the original review, but some reviews on here are a little inconsistent and I see how it can be confusing, but I've rated cars in a similar skewed way before - for example I gave a Ford Focus 10/10 or 9/10 for performance and comfort because it was a faster version of that car and the interior was nice (compared to cars in that class, obviously it is not a Ferrari or luxury car though). But then gave 0 or 1/10 for reliability and dealer because I had lots of expensive problems.

So you could say from that it was a good car in general that I wanted to like, but my particular experience was bad.