1992 Renault Clio night & day 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


A good first, car, but costly if anything fails


I bought the car with 11 months left on the MOT.

Within a few weeks the clutch has almost completely failed, I caught this just in time before it messed up my gearbox, very costly.

Can't really comment on performance/reliability as with a bust clutch, I am using so much petrol it's stupid, so the car is spending considerable time outside the house.

Although before the clutch failed and I was able to drive it, I found it to be an easy car to drive that picked up quite well, as long as the engine had warmed up. Cold mornings give a problem with acceleration for a good mile or two.

General Comments:

The car is comfortable inside and quite spacious.

Although being 13 years old it's pretty basic, the seats are starting to get a bit uncomfortable.

Also there is no rev counter, engine temp gauge and the heaters take a while to warm up.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2005

1992 Renault Clio RT 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Brilliant car - would buy newer model if offered


The radiators leaked - but this was easily fixed.

Engine overflowed and wouldn't start.

Sunroof leaked.

General Comments:

This car was an amazingly good runner, Exceptional for it's year.

It had a sunroof, which was always excellent in summer, although a pain when it leaked.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2005

1992 Renault Clio RN 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Good fun, although the build quality isn't great


Front wheel bearings - 30,000 miles.

Front brake discs - 40,000 miles.

Heater fan resistor - 40,000 miles.

Lower engine mount - 45,000 miles.

Headlight switch - 53,000 miles.

Clutch cable - 56,000 miles.

Front brake discs (again) - 60,000 miles.

Both front suspension arms + drop links - 60,000 miles.

Rear brake shoes + cylinders - 62,000 miles.

Clutch cable - 65,000 miles.

Lower engine mount (again) - 70,000 miles.

Clutch cable - 70,000 miles.

Rusty exhaust - 72,000 miles.

Soon to need new clutch - approx 75,000.

Trim: broken glove-box hinge and central vent control. A few rattles here and there, but generally OK.

General Comments:

The 1.4 engine offers good performance around town and can keep up with almost all motorway traffic (police cars excluded!).

Road noise is intrusive at higher speeds.

The driving position is not ideal: pedals aren't quite central and the seat doesn't have much lumber support.

Handling is excellent: good fun to drive, although passengers tend to complain going when going round corners (but that might just be my driving!).

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Review Date: 19th February, 2005

1992 Renault Clio Baccara 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Like clio's, ADORE the baccara


Fan Switch - I heard it running, but thought it'd cut out eventually it had been a long night and couldn't be bothered! Regretted that because next morning battery dead! Had to jump start it and use the car that day so until I got the part, had to keep disconnecting the battery every time I switched it off! Minor to fix, just a real pain and makes you look a bit mad standing next to your car listening to it after you switched it off!

At 74 500 Gearbox died - rather dramatically. Car driving perfectly fine, pull over to answer a call, as I drive off BANG! Judder judder judder reversed brilliantly just couldn't get 1st gear! Not the best time for the car to die on me 2am in a dodgy part of London either. Towed away and £750 later, got the car back! Tell-tale sign was the bang every time I put it into reverse admittedly was expecting it!

Heater in car went out in a very cold November! At first flickered on and off then just died completely! £80 later all fixed apparently parts overheated & melted the wires so all had to be replaced. Due to it's locality in the engine meant taking off windscreen wipers etc so that hiked up labour charges!

After gearbox replaced, juddering when cold & first starting off or stuck in traffic. Did jerk forward quite hard just by taking foot off the brake and accelerating slightly. Apparently not the gear box, but an oil leak - connector through to the gearbox was busted not enough oil going through! £150 later all done!

MOT: just had to laugh at all the faults because I wasn't about to break down in the garage! The main points: no full beam lights the indicator switch gone & steering column completely knackered. £450 and hopefully all should be sorted!

General Comments:

As with all old cars, be prepared for things to go wrong, it's just a shame how much has gone with this one!

Overall I must say I adore this car, the garage bills prove that alone! It's a dream to drive, so fast in sports mode and great for cutting in and out of traffic!

The best thing about this car is the leather seats! They are to die for! I dread getting a new car because the seats are like rock, the one's in this are heaven like a soft, cozy, leather armchair!

It has tons of other great features like the electric windows, 4 speed auto gearbox, heated electric mirrors, remote central locking, power assisted steering, remote controls for the radio/cassette, electric sunroof to name a few. I think the sheer luxury of this car, based on affordability makes it too hard to move onto one of these new plastic, computerised, basic cars I feel like I'm going backwards after driving the baccara - to get the same features on a newer model will cost me! If your going to get a clio of this age, get one of these there really is no point in driving the basic versions be a clio snob with the bacarra!

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Review Date: 10th February, 2005