2003 Renault Clio DCI (100) 1.5 TD from UK and Ireland


Fast and Economical


Split Sunroof seal, creating extra wind noise, but not leaking water as far as I know. Being fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

Very fast. It is described as a warm hatch. Slightly sporty. Good pick up in most gears. After driving the 1.2 16V today I laughed out loud at how slow it is compared to my DCI (100). You do need to rev it more than I would like, but it is my first small diesel. It is comparable to the 1.6 16v in performance, but easily does 60mpg and I can manage nearly 65mpg with a light foot. Highest I have ever managed is 78mpg after a 35 mile run stuck at 40mph.

45mpg at 80mph with the air con on.

Service intervals are 18000 miles which is a big saving for me as a high mileage driver.

Comfortable and well specced. I have the Dynamique + climate pack which has climate control, electric sunroof, auto lights, auto wipers, heated mirrors, alloys, disk brakes all round, ABS, CD, trip computer, front fogs and metallic paint.

Doesn't handle a patch on my old Focus Zetec it's bit soft in the corners, but not bad.

Build quality is not as good as a focus, plastics feel cheaper and don't fit quite properly at the door pillars.

I got this as a preregistered car with 6 miles on the clock for £8850. Full price would have been nearly £13000. I wouldn't pay full price for this car. For that sort of money I would get a 115PS Focus TDCI. But for £8850 it is good money. I've never seen them that cheap again though.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2004

1st Jul 2004, 10:54

I've tried to 1.5 DCI (100) and it's as quick as the 1.4L 16v 95 bhp one.

7th Feb 2005, 06:22

I've had the car nearly a year now. Just been through the 18000 mile service. Got it done at an independent garage for £70 Vs £140 for Renault. It's a small service oil and filter only really so Renault is cashing in.

I'm not going to keep the car too long. I can't complain about reliability or economy both still good. But I'm finding it just a bit too small for me.

The metal the car is made from seems to be very thin and soft I'm finding the car marks and dents very easily. Being black it makes them stand out.

Auto lights are good, but a bit of a gadget really same for the auto wipers they have a tendency to go off when you don't want them to. I run the wipers in manual now.

Nice little car for someone, but I'd rather have my old Focus back.

2003 Renault Clio Extreme 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


Good value for money, nippy motor


In first few months, steering rack had to be replaced.

Heated rear window elements had a break - hence rear window had to be replaced.

Brake lights stuck on permanent module had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Car drives like a dream, much fun to be had round corners and isn't too bad on the straights, tho runs out of puff on hills.

Has quite a few rattles tho', specially the sunroof.

There is a knocking sound from the front of the car, but I suspect it is the steering column again, am waiting for it to get worse before she goes back to the dealer.

Comfortable and good looking inside, if basic.

Not worried about initial problems or any subsequent, as 3 year warranty will cover them.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2004

2003 Renault Clio 172 Sport 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Too many problems with car and dealerships. Will never buy Renault again


Severe pull to the left.

Two front struts leaking and needed replaced (from new)!

Headlight washer jets keep flying off.

General Comments:

On our second 172 now, first one was a Cup which had the usual suspension problems and interior rattles - sadly it was written off.

Now have 172 Sport - bad move!

From day one car pulled to left. Told that the tyre pressures were wrong, camber of road, feature of the car - all the usual excuses. We finally persuaded the less than helpful dealer to check it and discovered that the two front struts were leaking and needed to be replaced. Car still pulls to the left now. Told to go to another dealer (70 mile round trip) who has equipment to test geometry of the car, when we arrived treated like something they had stepped in, told there was nothing wrong with the car (without having done any tests on the car) and they refused to do any work on it!

Awaiting response to our complaint lodged with Renault UK. Don't hold out much hope though.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2004

25th Oct 2004, 04:15

I fail to understand why you went for another one after complaining about your Cup at the start of this review???

I`m not quite sure what the "usual" suspension problems are that you speak about. I know many people with 172/182`s and cups through forums and things and have yet to hear about a "usual" suspension problem.

With regards to your current 172 then if that's the way you have been treated I hope you get it sorted out and take whatever action is needed to do so.

I have a 182 and love the car to bits, no problems worth mentioning and the dealer has been great, right through from my first visit, the sale and after sales. There are good and bad dealers whatever car you have and Renault is no exception, but it`s no longer as common as people think that they are bad.

I would buy another and have no hesitation going back to my dealer.

13th Nov 2004, 13:04

One dealer near me, absolute pants! (I'm trying to be polite!)

Another dealer ~15 miles away, fabulous!

6th Oct 2005, 16:22

I have a Renault Clio T reg (about 42k on clock). I absolutely loved it until recently. I searched on 'pull to the left' and found your comment. The tracking has not sorted the problem out. You say your car is not fixed? I would appreciate some up to date feedback if you have any.

6th Oct 2005, 16:23

Renault Wolverhampton have always been great. I 'suppose' I will have to take it in! £sss boo hoo.