30th Jun 2001, 18:20

Must just be me - I'm 5' 10" and sometimes find it uncomfortable - but that is after doing 400 miles up to Scotland from south London!

15th Aug 2001, 05:23

Clio Grande

The car is 15 months old and has done 5200 miles. Passenger side, plastic door open insert has broken off - looks like a default item or the centre black screw is too tight.

And I got to pay even though it has a 2 year warranty.

25th Sep 2005, 11:47

I've had mine for about 13 months now and I love it! It's a Y-reg 2001 and has done around 40,000 miles without any major trouble.

The electronics in these cars have a lot to be desired. The airbag light is permanently (as with other Clio's I've been told about). Apparently this is a wire under the seat that gets disconnected quite easily!

Also, the keys will wear out after a while and they'll need replacing (£120 for both main and spare) as I found out. When this happens you'll have trouble starting the engine and locking/unlocking the car. Get them fixed as soon as you can or you'll be stranded.

I find the seating quite comfortable, and passengers have said the same. I do a 60-mile round trip every day and its no problem. I've also done 300 mile trip and I just had a slightly numb bum!

Only one other bug bear I have with the car is that mods/repairs can be a bit of a pain. I had to replace my driver-side electric window motor, and the fittings are a little messy. I also put new number plates on and that involved removing the entire front number and the internal panel on the boot door.

Otherwise, it's a smashing little runner. Really nice and nippy, handles well if you want some fun and it's nice and economical. I've had 380 miles out of it's 40-litre tank.