10th Feb 2003, 07:46

*UPDATE* 62,000 miles on clock.

Quite a few problems with car unfortunately:

Engine management fuse kept on going, finally found cause to be the wire having lost some insulation and shorting out on battery tray

Starter motor failed

All 4 wheel bearings needed replacing

Exhaust from cat back needed replacing

Front discs replaced

Thermostat failed

Lacquer has gone on the bonnet so it looks a right mess, unfortunately university and hence lack of funds means I can't afford to have it sprayed...

Lacquer on alloys is also going, but not really noticeable

Some thieving scum nicked my foglights...

I hit a pigeon at 70 mph and that put a nice dent on my bonnet!!

Even after all these problems I still love the car, it's great fun, quick, doesn't cost that much to run when things don't go wrong (!), and sounds great with a K&N induction kit fitted.

I'm probably going to get rid of mine in the summer for something a bit quicker, and probably a bit more Japanese so (hopefully) it'll 100% reliable...

As I said in the original view, for a young person with insurance constraints, you won't find a quicker or more fun car that you can reasonably expect to run.

2nd Jul 2006, 14:33

Driving along, engine immobiliser light came on, on the dash board, and car stopped. Now when you go to start the car, the fuel pump won't come on. Any possible causes? Clio RSI 96 would be a godsend if any comments laur_2224@hotmail.com thanks

22nd Mar 2008, 11:06

You don't know what your going on about you must be a chav.

26th Mar 2008, 17:01

Hi everyone, my brother phoned last week to look at his daughter's Clio 1996 1.2 RN. It had no compression; he took the timing belt covers off. The belt was completed shredded.

After more investigation, it turned out the water pump has seized. When I took the pump out, the fan shaft had completely snapped in two. The bearing would not move at all. All that was left of timing belt was the stringy cord; in fact it actually caught fire, as there was a little pile of ashy material all over the bottom of the engine and timing cover.

My brother hopes none of the 8 valves are damaged, but I said it is very unlikely not to at least have damaged 2 or 3 valves. So I have put a new pump and belt kit in, and will check the compression on each cylinder. I certainly see the head having to come off. Should keep me busy for a day or two.

David Douglas.