13th Nov 2004, 07:10

I've had my Clio Cup since June 04 and I have to say it's the most thrilling drive I've ever had. I owned a Punto Sporting before hand and for a 1.2 16v engine it was quite fast. But as soon as I got to grips with the Cup the fiat was long forgotten about. I'd say it was the best to drive out of the cars I tested the day I bought it. (Civic Type R, Focus ST170!!! and Mini Cooper S)

Is the 182 sport or the 182 Cup quicker than the 172 Cup??

17th Jan 2006, 16:49

I've got a 182... from what I've read, the 182 is more or less on par with the 172 Cup, but has all the toys. The 182 Cup is only very marginally quicker because unlike the 172, theres not much difference in weight between the standard one and the cup version.

23rd Jan 2006, 08:30

In reply to the previous posts, that's all rubbish, you do not gain 10-15bhp from an induction kit; you're lucky to gain 2-3bhp!!! And you won't get 60bhp from an ECU and induction kit!!! The Cup can be a bit skittish in the wet, but you've got to learn how to drive in the current conditions.

The 182/182 Cup is not as fast as the 172 Cup; this is because the 172 Cup, even though it's got 10bhp less, still had a better BHP per ton figure than the 182/182 Cup!! If you want the extra 10bhp, get a 182 manifold and then a custom performance exhaust system, not any of the Peco crap you get at Motorman!!

In all, the Cup is an amazing car. There is little on the road that will touch it for handling and acceleration. You would be hard pushed to get a better performing car for under 14k!!

If you want raw performance and you don't mind no toys, go for the Cup; if not, get the standard 172!

5th Mar 2006, 22:06

Help! I moved to Perth, Western Australia 9 months ago from the UK. After a few months I decided to buy a Clio Cup 172. The reviews I read were awesome, in fact the car is awesome apart from one thing. I haven't been able to drive it for the past 6 weeks because there is a problem with the immobilizer! The Renault dealership here in Perth have had the car for the 6 weeks, but have not been able to fix the problem! Has anyone experienced the problem whereby the key does not deactivate the immobilizer? If so, please, could you let me know how the problem was fixed? I'm getting desperate and more broke with everyday that passes!

16th Jul 2006, 15:40

After reading the comments about the type R being quicker than the clio I had to step in and correct you. The clio cup is faster than the type R. 5K less and quicker. I'm not saying that the Honda is a bad car because I love the styling and looks of the R, but I know for sure its no way quicker than the cup.

Ta ta!!

18th Jul 2006, 07:53

I would go for the Honda each time. The Type R is a legend amongst hot hatches, and you get the Honda build quality. Have you seen the 2006 CTR?

Have to admit the Clio 197 looks good to, but I would definitely stick with the Honda.

18th Jul 2007, 11:53

You all need to join www.cliosport.net, and you may learn a few things about the Clio etc. Some decent guys on there know their stuff :-)

19th Jul 2007, 11:04

To 16th Jul 2006, 15:40.

What on earth do you think you're talking about saying the Clio is faster than a Type R?

Civic type R 0-60 6.6

Clio 172 0-60 7.2

Clio 182 Cup 0-60 6.9

I used to own a Type R, and it's superior in every way to the french Renault; they shouldn't even be compared together.

20th Jul 2007, 06:47

If you check Parkers, the 0-60 time is 6.4 for the Type R, which is rapid.

28th Aug 2007, 09:56

2 of my friends have civic type R's.

At santapod they can only manage 15.6 & 15.8 seconds 1/4 miles.

I doubt you will get the claimed 0-60 of 6.6 seconds let alone the made up figure of 6.4 seconds.

It is hard to get traction in the civic type R's.

And yes I am talking about the EP3.

29th Aug 2007, 08:31

Well talking of Type Rs, how about the DC2 Integra Type R? The same 197bhp as the Civic, but using a smaller 1.8 engine instead of the 2.0 that deals with 0-60 in 6.2 seconds due mainly to it being lighter than the Civic at only 1060kg for the JDM model, which is the one I have.

And here is the link on Youtube showing not 1 but 2 standard DC2's; one 96 spec, and one 98 spec, completing the standing quarter mile in identical times of 14.207 seconds with proper timing gear, and 2 drivers who know how to use the car.

7th Sep 2007, 14:56

Oh my God this is sad. Jeez this 'my car vs your car' mentality in the online debate about cars is PATHETIC. Half the comments are from fanboys, 10% of the comments will be from people who have driven the cars in question and they'll just get ignored.

For Gods sake, test drive both and make your own mind up...

11th Sep 2007, 16:32

MY Clio 172 cup vs Anything, some you win some you lose. I notice nearly 0.5 second 0-60 difference with a full tank or 1/4. My brother has a Type R 2003, we race and play a lot - the Clio gets the power down a lot better costs less, but has crap build quality. The Honda will keep on going, but costs a lot more to run.

My cup is a little special, viper induction kit, 182 manifold, race cams, remapped, rear seats removed and anything extra like carpets all out.

Changing your oil and good spark plugs will help more than ECU or manifold change.

BTW - I can get my Clio 0-60 in under 6, timed!!!

12th Sep 2007, 09:48

Why bother with the induction kit? They don't work.

Seems strange when your other mods are sensible.

25th Oct 2007, 09:47


I am the proud owner of a 2003 Clio Cup.

This car has only once been serviced by Renault, otherwise by independent garages. I have carried out at least one service myself.

The car has now covered 142,000 miles from new or nearly six times around the world!

It has not yet had a clutch, brake discs or any major work carried out other than one cam belt change.

Now harp on about reliability!

She still goes like a train, pulls like she always has, uses no oil, blows no smoke and keeps me grinning from ear to ear, especially around the wonderful roads of North Wales.

I consider trading her in every now and again, but it would break my heart to see her go, or see some boy racer trying to drive her properly.

At 40 years old and with many quick cars behind me including Hondas, Peugeots and Fords, I can safely say that smiles per mile the Renaultsport 172 Clio Cup is the last of the true hot hatches. Never to be repeated by any manufacturer.

Finally, you show me a Honda, Focus RS or ST or anything similar that will return 43 mpg on a run consistently (at motorway speeds obviously- whatever they are!)

One last word. If you do like your car, feed her with Shell V-Power. Mine has never been fed on anything else.