15th Apr 2003, 09:49

On my second 172 now, a Cup this time.

Overall very happy with both of them, but I must agree with the last comment about the paint. I have only had the car 3 weeks and covered approx 1000 miles, but I counted about 10 stone chips and couple of other marks on the bonnet last night.

The dealers response was "all Renault's are like that" and Renault UK said it was my fault!

19th Apr 2003, 04:27

If you were join all the chips on my bonnet it would make one very large "dot to dot".

I have not known anything like it - Renault's paint thickness must be very borderline, sod the touch-up-pen I might try a paint roller!!

5th Mar 2004, 15:55

My Clio 172, which I had for one year and then sold it (because it was extremely badly built), had rusty brackets under the dash. I told the dealer, and they took to it with a wire brush and scratched the interior of the car.

They shrugged it off and said there was nothing they could do about it.

I sold the car after a long list of never ending problems, some of which made worse by AC Williams Renault of Grantham. Definately do not buy a Renault.

15th Apr 2005, 07:47

I bought a brand new clio sport 182 cup about three weeks ago, and although I am delighted with the drive and performance of the car, there have been some 'teething' problems. The throttle clicks when about an inch from the floor, the driver seat has a faulty handle meaning it will not fold forward and the 'go faster stripes' are bubbling.

Now I do not expect a car to be 100% perfect as new ones rarely are, but what I do expect is good customer service and prompt actions. I however, have had to wait 3 weeks for it to be booked in to the service centre. This made worse by the fact that my sales advisor did not inform them of all the problems I had, thus resulting in them not having the correct part in stock when my appointment eventually came round. I have now had to book ANOTHER appointment in another 3 weeks for this to be sorted.