9th Oct 2003, 09:12

Hi, I posted the original message and I'd like to give you a little update.

I HATE Renault dealers!! Sorry - I had to get that off my chest. My car is nearly 1 year old now and it's been to my Renault dealer 5 times. Not bad for a brand new car! They still cannot fix the knocking suspension - they did a modification to the suspension, but it made the noise worse. Oh how I laughed. A 'decoder' was changed to fix the non-starting/alarm problem, but the car still intermittently fails to start. Well they did fix the oil leak (power steering). Well done Renault (sarcasm).

BUT! It is still a great car to drive and this is why I still have it on my driveway. Just remember to turn the radio up loud to mask the squeaks and rattles :-)

All in all it's a love/hate relationship with this car. I just wish I had spent a little more and got a Civic Type-R or a Seat Leon Cupra...

23rd Jan 2004, 12:37

Got my Clio Cup in May2003. It was the dealers ex demo car. I alos have no stickers on pillars, but never mind. took back to garage once for knocking suspension. They reckon it's something to do with the angle of the suspension mounts and the way the whole thing goes through the bodywork. apparently this is a known problem. Anyway, they said they would make the clearance holes oval rather than round (body shop for two days). Worked though. No more noise from front suspension. Apart from that, insurance is steep, but well worth it. Put your foot down and £1750 fully comp don, t seem quite so bad! What a car. Really upsets people cause they don, t expect to be whipped by a little blue Clio.

8th Feb 2004, 14:33

I've had my 172 since 2000 and although it's been a brilliant little car to whizz around in I've also had fairly major problems. A crankshaft oil leak, a steamed up spotlight and the now standard suspension knocking noise. The latest addition to the list is a knocking from the transmission. It's only done 22,000 miles so why the gearbox should be suffering I've no idea. I love the car, but won't be buying another Renault, German or Japanese for me next time.

15th Feb 2005, 06:59

I have owned my Clio 172 Cup for about 18 months and during that time covered 27000 miles. I am very surprised to read that people have had so many problems with their cars as I have not. The one and only problem I had was a faulty computer which set off the hazard warning lights! This was repaired under warranty however.

Reading through peoples comments I can't help wondering how well they treat their cars. One person said they replaced their clutch after 12 months which would suggest a few too many 0-60 sprints off the traffic lights!

Another complains how he drives the car out of his garage and turns off the engine, only to find it won't start properly again. Turning the engine on and off like that is not good for it! Starting the engine uses a lot of fuel and battery power, not to mention wear on the engine. I start my car and let it idle for about 5 minutes before I even move.

I will agree however with the comments made regarding the low standard of service found at many Renault dealerships as this has also been my experience.

My car was also missing the badges on the doors, but I ordered some from my local dealer for less than a fiver. Just make sure you stick them on straight!

14th Apr 2005, 07:01

I have owned a Clio Cup for 13months now and had 12 months of problem free driving. First thing to fail was the alarm due to an ingress of water. Picture this, I am sitting in work wondering who's alarm is doing its best to deafen everyone, when a friend alerts me that it was my car. I rushed out to disable it, but could not get it to stop, leaving me with the only option of removing the hazard warning light fuse. I drive it to my local dealer explaining that the car was not roadworthy, to which they responded,"can you bring it back next week". After blowing a fuse myself they eventually gave me a courtesy car until they fixed it. Next problem was the drivers side engine mount which failed at 20000miles! I told them what the problem was and they then attempted to claim wy warranty was void due to a modified air filter causing excess stress on the mount. When I picked myself up of the floor from laughing I said, "OK you have two options here, one you fix the car under warranty which provides work for your guys, or I will take it home and fix it myself". After a delay they responded that under the circumstances Renault would fix it under warranty. To cut a long story short, after 3 trips to the dealer to get the mount readjusted, due their incompetent dealer mechanics, I ended up having to refit it myself.

Moral of the story the dealers are the bigs obstacle in enjoying a fun car.

Don't think I will be buying another Renault!

Please be advised, dealers will try rip you off by claiming they have to take parts off to examine it and then charge you twice for removing the same part.

3rd Feb 2010, 08:24

Hi there, I have 2003 model Cup 172 and my traction control isn't working, I have the light on the dash which does not come up when I turn the key, like oil and brake lights. There is also no button like it says in the manual. The car slips an slides all over.

Please help, John Flybybeast@hotmail.com

3rd Feb 2010, 16:32

I m pretty sure the 172 Cup doesn't have ABS traction control etc, as that's how it shed all the weight over the standard model!

12th Mar 2010, 07:23

Easy way to solve the knocking problem is get some alloy suspension top mounts, k-tec do a great pair for £175.00. I have them on mine, they get rid of the knocking and make the handling much better. Apart from that I have suffered a new lambda sensor. I have to say it's one of the best cars ever, it's great to embarrass the drivers who have spent a bomb on their BMW or Audi. I simply love it.

16th Sep 2011, 10:19

Hmmm, the TVR Griffith and Chimaera both have a development of the Tuscan race car chassis, so I very much doubt that the spirited country lane driving was indeed spirited to the TVR drivers, they were probably just out for a Sunday tootle.

My Chimaera out corners Subaru Imprezzzzzas for fun, and out accelerates them even on part throttle (even the 300bhp ones), and it keeps up with most 600cc bikes.

I once raced a Clio 182 to about 70mph, and it was like racing a slug. No offence intended.

And how you might ask is a car with 'only' 275 bhp (mines the 4.0 HC model) so quick? It has 305 lbs ft of torque (414nm) and weighs just 1040 kg. Lovely jubbley.

24th Jul 2013, 13:46

Sunday tootle LOL. Bet it broke on Monday morning, or more likely Sunday afternoon.