13th Oct 2001, 13:40

I bought my Renault Clio 1.4 RT earlier this year. Back in March I had just passed my test and wanted something little and that looked a bit sporty.

Since I bought this car I've had a gear box mount fitted, new brushes on my alternator, new back light clusters, new fog lights and now I need the head gaskets done! The mileage now is getting on for 92,000.

After driving various other cars I've come to realise how slow it is, especially when overtaking. I love my little car, I just wish it wasn't money, money, money all the time!!

22nd Jan 2003, 09:32

I bought my Clio from a friend who had just had it put through it's MOT with around 80,000 on the clock. Within a day or two of buying it the alternator packed in almost completely, and it proved practically impossible to gain access to without ramps. It's neatly tucked away just in front of the drivers footwell and behind the sump, making it impossible to work on while at the same time exposing it to all the road grime and salt water you could wish for.

After spending £80 on a replacement unit I had to spend a further £15 on a new belt as the old one broke within a few hours of fitting the new alternator. I then proceeded to drive down the motorway secure in the knowledge I had cured the car, only to have the offside driveshaft bearings fail after 100 miles. One tow home from the AA and £130 later that problem was cured. Then the brakes went.

You get the picture now I think, not the most reliable of second hand cars to buy. I knew the previous owner, his wife had hardly driven the thing over the 2 years he'd owned it, and I bought it thinking it would be so much cheaper to run than my old Passat 1.8i saloon. It's half the cost in fuel and insurance, but it just crumbles to the touch. AS I can rule out driver abuse I can only assume old age has set in and is making the car an economic drain to keep running. Time for a change I feel, I won't be buying another Clio second hand of this age anyway.

12th Jun 2003, 01:57

I bought my Clio 16V a month ago with 50,000 miles on the clock. All was fine for a week 'till the engine mounts went. Had them replaced. Back on the road? Yeah, for another week. Then the clutch kit gave in and at the same time minced the gear box completely. I then had the gear box re-built and a new clutch kit installed at a very high cost and was advised to change the timing belt. Got the car back a few days ago and low and behold, the alternators just packed in. Now I'm broke, in debt and bussing it to work. NIGHTMARE!! I wish I listened to my wife who tried so hard to talk me into buying something cheaper at the time. I agree with others comments. Stay well clear from a Clio 16v after 50,000 miles.