1st Feb 2004, 11:25

I wasn't aware there were 172 cup badges for the car sides, has anyone else got these.Also, what is the recommended running in period, I've got 500 miles on the clock and my right foot is starting to twitch.

3rd Feb 2004, 05:53

How much did you all pay for your 172 cups? Thinking of getting 1 soon so what should I expect to pay?

5th Feb 2004, 03:34

I paid 11,400 for mine, but I think that there are only a couple of new ones left so I'd hurry. I really recommend them mate. The performance and value for money are unequaled.

26th Jul 2004, 05:56

Hold on for just one second guys!

For the two people above regarding the aesthetics and spec of the car:

I) how could you not know that the cup has the 'cup 172' badges on the side??

Ii) and how could you buy a cup thinking you were going to get a spare wheel, when it's a track car aimed at enthusiasts armed with knowledge, and then suggesting that renault said it was because they were 16s"???

Personally, I think a couple of people here, could have told a little white lie!

29th Jan 2005, 10:12

At £360 insurance i'd say you are onto a winner. I have payed well over £1000! Which insurers do you recommend?

My car came door badge free also - I prefer it that way.

To the man above - why should people know about the door badges if Renault didn't put them onto half of their cars?? I would have to agree with you about the spare wheel though, it says in the brochure that it comes with foam instead and explains in some detail the reasons for that.

The Cup is an amazing car if you can handle the odd annoying rattle. You need an Impreza WRX to beat it off the line.

4th Aug 2005, 02:52

Hi guys

Got to agree with the comment about the spare wheel did you not know that it was to save wight that is the whole point about the cup light and fast.

As for the door stickers all cups should have them on.

Had my cup now for 4 months and love it handling is excellent but build quality is not so good and neither is the main dealer service.


12th Jun 2006, 16:01

I have recently purchased my 172 cup and love it!!

What a car great feed back when you drive it and awsome performance.

Can any of you guys tell me where I can get the original door badges?

Do renault still stock them?