1st Jun 2004, 21:54

I agree totally with the previous comment. I've owned many sporty Pugs and Renaults, most recently a 172. They all fall apart! And all have been sold on. But after a while I can't help, but buy another French turd because the drive is sooo much fun!!! Why can't the Japanese make their affordable performance cars as fun as they are reliable? And no, the Civic Type-R is not fun!

1st Jun 2004, 22:53

A Civic Type-R slower and heavier than a Clio 182? Try quicker and better built. Clio's great though, enjoy!

7th Jun 2004, 09:39

Re Civics being faster and better built. Better built oh yes, but that's not hard! Faster, oh no read e.v.o or any other reputable mag and look at the real world stat's. quotes like 'the best hot hatch ever' help get the message across.

15th Oct 2004, 16:37

Totally agree with the above. I just bought my spanking new Titanium silver 182 cup on the strength of the EVO review. It really is the most fun you can have for the money. The only thing that beats it is my Kawasaki ZX636R... But its winter now so the Clio rocks!!! And what build quuality do you expect? It is a clio after all! Just enjoy driving the thing like your meant to!

3rd Dec 2004, 12:11

I have just had my new 182 delivered after a long wait. After reading the book and learning how to run in correctly, I carefully drove the car for the first time only to find that the engine management warning light came on. It informed me that by ABS and Traction control has failed and to see a renault dealer immediately. So off I go to the nearest dealer, only to be told that I will have to book it and wait two weeks for a appointment.

Other than that, great car...

Anyone know how many miles you should get to a tank as I filled mine up and its used half a tank and only done 100 miles and never been above 3,000 rpm?

Is this normal???

30th Jan 2005, 10:05

If you haven't already found it, www.cliosport.net has all the answers and more.

13th Sep 2005, 10:51

Sounds dubious... I own a Civic Type r and fully test drove the 182 Clio. The kick of power when both come on their CAMs belongs to the CTR. In a drag race to 100mph the Civic Type R would be in front... that's fact not fiction... enjoy your Clios, but please stop thinking they are super cars.

23rd Sep 2005, 06:01

I agree that the Clio 182/172 are fast cars, but as for being faster than a Civic Type-R...I think not.

The clio 182 will hit 60mph in 7.1 seconds which is real quick, but the Honda civic type r will roar to 60mph in 6.6sec.

Plus the 0-100mph times tell the same story...

Clio 182... o-100mph in 17.3

Civic Type r.. 0-100mph in 15.9.

I agree that for £14,000 a Clio 182 is great value, but for £2,000 more I recommend the Civic Type R...

6th Oct 2005, 04:20

After reading all the comments on this page, I have come noticed that Clio owners seem to think they own super-cars!... I had a Clio 182... piece of crap, build quality is shocking... but hey it is cheap. I also had a TT 225, the best car I have ever owned... however it cost 30k and I don't care what Clio owners say, many a boy racer tried it on and were left in my exhaust fumes... however the running costs are a fortune.

I now have a Civic Type-R.. well what can I say!.. as fast as my TT and not much more than a Clio! And way better built quality... This comment is based on fact and personal experience... wake up and smell the cheese Clio owners!

4th Apr 2006, 13:40

That's your own opinion!!

Personally I don't like Honda's, The type R is nice, but not for me, the same as the Clio is not for you..

For my price range I am more than pleased with my clio 182 and think it one of the best cars I have owned..

But hey I am a woman so what do I know!!!

5th Sep 2006, 06:47

Having owned a Civic Type R and now owning a Clio 182 I feel qualified to give an opinion, and it is only an opinion! The Honda had probably one of the best engines I have ever had the pleasure of owning and not bad handling to boot. The trade mark Honda build quality is something that the 182 finds hard to live with and the odd rattle will occur with annoying regularity. This said the Type R chassis cannot stand up against the unshakable dynamics of the Clio.

I think down any twisty A or B road the Clio would edge it, but for straight line grunt the Honda’s definately got it.

These are both incredibly good cars each with something a little different to offer, but if its trouble free motoring you’re after buy a Honda!

19th Oct 2007, 14:41

My mates got a civic type r and its shocking compared to my 182 cup.

20th Oct 2007, 10:56

Clio 182, 0-60 7.1, top speed 139.

Civic Type R, 0-60 6.6, top speed 146.

Audi TT 1.8t 225, 0-60 6.6, top speed 151.

Source www.whatcar.com, comparing three cars.

How can a Clio owner say he can beat a TT top end? I've got a TT with 292bhp, which was achieved with a £400 chip. It beats the Astra VXR, Focus RS, Audi S3 and all the other hot hatches. I wouldn't even bother racing one of these Clios; I know it's a lot faster and they aren't worth risking getting a speeding ticket over. On a recent road trip to Germany to the Nurburgring, I did 162 mph on an autobahn (which was indicated by the sat nav I was using).

15th Apr 2008, 02:51

Having been in the market for a Clio or Civic, I can see where both arguments come from. I love the Civic for its high rev, full fat thrills but the Clio is cheeky, it's worth getting out of bed for and no one can argue that the Civic is a good looking car!!?!! It is always going to come down to personal choice, but I bought a Clio!

21st Apr 2009, 05:52

Forget about the Clio, get a Vauxhall Astra GSi Turbo mrk 4, they eat Clio Sports.

14th Sep 2009, 16:23

The Clio 182 has more power to weight than the Civic Type R, but the CTR is quicker around the Top Gear and Fifth Gear track, so does this mean the CTR is the better handling car???

15th Sep 2009, 10:36

There is very little between the Clio variants and the Civic Type R, even on the track they were 10ths apart and on the road you'd struggle to pull them apart!

I used to have a Civic and then a Scooby, and now a 182, and am more impressed with the little Clio than I thought I'd be, as they are like a little rollerskate and come with a lot of equipment - Xenon's, climate, leather etc and are good value for the money, but it can t beat a screaming VTEC engine for the noise!!

15th Sep 2009, 11:10

Oh yeah it handles better, and there is nothing between them in the straight line speed.

15th Sep 2009, 11:40

Not really, they are very similarly matched in both power to weight and handling. The time difference around both tracks was marginal, and could be driver/conditions dependent, they are that close.

The Clio has the better steering, making it easier to read, but it is hard to pull them apart from a performance point of view.