17th Sep 2009, 02:38

The vtec engines seem to go on forever. I personally would take a Civic over a Clio any day; better built, better looking, more reliable and faster.

17th Sep 2009, 08:00

I used to own a Clio 172 Sport (phase2) and then a 182 Sport. Performance wise there is nothing between the two variants.

However I now own a 2004 CTR. I prefer the CTR due to the hard engine note and more spacious interior, but it's no faster than the previous two cars I owned. Performance wise they are all similar.

22nd Nov 2010, 22:01

I've timed my (stock) 182 @ 6.68 seconds to 60 MPH, and I think with a perfect start a tenth or more could be shaved off that time. Evo either went off the manufacturers figures or had a lot of weight in that car to take 7.1 seconds to 60.

28th Nov 2010, 14:03

My Renault Clio 2004, has developed a problem; can't get any acceleration. Even though pencil coils have been changed. What could be the problem?

9th Dec 2010, 18:30

I have a Clio 182, and I love it! Great pull from 2,000 rpm, then goes crazy from 5,000 rpm onwards. There seems to be a great competition between the Clio and the Type R - I watched a Fifth Gear shoot out, and there was 0.1 seconds between them on a 55 second lap - I guess it boils down to personal preference, because the difference in performance on that test was minimal!

11th Dec 2010, 09:02

One thing I always hated on my Clio was that you have to get the engine really hot to be able to rev it all the way, and I know you don't rev them from cold, but I could drive for twenty minutes steady driving, and then it still would not be hot enough to rev all the way!

I thought it was a fault, but the guys on Cliosport agree they're all the same.