3rd Jan 2005, 04:28

Also if you did all these mods to the car you would Void your warranty too.

3rd Jan 2005, 14:10

I think 4.5 may be a bit off, but my 182 cup is good for 0-60 in 6.2 seconds (and this is backed up by Autocars test figures). If like he says, he has fitted a supercharger, then surely it's not beyond the realms of possibility. Either way, for the £11,800 I paid for mine brand new, the 182 is a serious peice of kit for the money.

10th Jan 2005, 02:52

I drove a standard 182 (and loved it), but the limitation on acceleration, like most FWD cars, is traction not power! I reckon even if it was 300 bhp (which it isn't), the 0-60 time would be high 5's at best.

Nobody as far as I know offers a s/c conversion for the 182. It's too new. The review is fake.

17th Jan 2005, 10:58

This somehow doesn't seem right? I own a Clio 182, and where exactly is the room to fit a supercharger? The engine is shoe horned as it is, and I doubt airflow would be sufficient.

If this is true, then I would imagine the torque steer to be brutal!!!

28th Jan 2005, 09:47

Nice car mate thanks for the pics, i'd have that!! what track is that you are on. what other car would you like to do up like that.

11th Feb 2005, 16:57

16 years ago when I was in 4th Yr at secondary school, a lad tried to convince me that his dad had fitted a Jag engine to a Lada Riva - and didn't need a hoist coz he was so strong that he didn't need one. To the author of this review - was that yer dad pikie?

3rd Jan 2006, 08:04

Supercharger wouldn't take 2secs of time, also chassis can just about handle 182 so would bend over such power.

6th Mar 2008, 07:18

I agree with the above. 180BHP is all the cup can put down really, if you want to go faster get a decent set of dampers and take the back seats out.

29th Jul 2008, 21:14

"Alpine top of the range, including 1 mono class D for the Type X sub, and 1 4way amp."

There goes 2 or 3 seconds of the time. Anyway I have got a sub and they're not light.

Flaming hell, an F1 car 0 to 60 is about 3 seconds to 60 or around there; what makes you think your Cup can do the times you said.