25th Mar 2005, 10:11

I had a Seat Ibiza Cupra R before the Clio 182-The Seat was great, but I have to say the 182 is outstanding-very quick, amazing handling and indeed fairly comfortable on long journeys. A fantastic car with loads of character.

29th Mar 2005, 03:02

Exactly and whoever buys a hot hatch because of its build quality is surely missing the point.

31st Mar 2005, 06:23

I get up to 30mpg for every day driving, although I have a heavy right foot. As for a new model of clio! My local Renault dealer told me that there is a new shaped clio in the pipeline and will be lanuched in 2006, I don't know as to when a new rs clio is going to be launched, but I guess it won't be too long in waiting.

I've had my 182 for 3 weeks now with the cup packs and in Titanium. This car is seriously quick and after 5,000rpm it really livens up. Braking seems to be effortless and smooth. The cruise control is a bonus for longer trips where you can just take your foot off the pedal or increase/decrease speed by the + and - buttons on the steering wheel.

The ride is however a little bumpy when going over uneven surfaces, but lets face it where in England can you find a council which looks after drivers interests.

All in all the rs Clio is seriously! a very fast car and all for under £15,000. I recommend that anyone seriously consider buying a hot hatch, this is the one to have.

5th Apr 2005, 16:04

Info for the guy who asked a few questions on 29th March...

The new shape Clio is expected in 2006 and it will not be until the end of 2006 at least before a Renaultsport model is released.

Far too long in my opinion to be sitting around waiting, its also worth bearing in mind that the next generation Renaultsport model might not be to everyones tastes. You may love the current Clio, but hate the new one.

Again, my opinion, but the 182 was a long time coming. It took from the production of the Clio Williams, right upto the Clio 172cup/182 before Renault produced such a superb car. Again this gives me food for thought when thinking about the next generation. The new Renaultsport has a lot to live upto after the 182,i have my doubts that at the first attempt they will produce a newer and better car than whats already on offer.

If you are considering a 182 then go for it. One of my biggest car regrets was not going for a Gt turbo in the early 90`s.Don`t have regrets about the 182.

There is talk of an end of run 182 special edition 'Trophy' model due with the possibility of it being numbered a bit like the Williams. That might be worth waiting for, but don`t expect anywhere near the discount you can get on a normal 182 because it will be a limited run.

As for fuel economy, i average 34 mpg in mine. Not bad for a 2 litre car that begs for a heavy right foot ;-)

Hope this helps!

16th Apr 2005, 09:08

Hi I got a clio 172 and it was very quick when first had it, but don't seam to be that quick any more have any one else had this problem also have any one tried tuning it up?

2nd May 2005, 06:24

Hello there, I have just got an arctic blue Clio 182 with both cup packs. I used to own a Yaris T-Sport and the Clio is just so much better at everything, except build quality. The ride quality is very good - and the car is very fast. I don't think it has the kerb appeal of a Civic Type R, but I just don't have 17 grand to spec up a CTR to the same level as the Clio.

I think I will stop drinking so I can drive everywhere...


4th May 2005, 04:46


Bought my Clio 182 on a 54 plate just before Christmas and look forward to getting in it every day of the week.

After opting out of the company car scheme I was a little concerned about my options having driven a Lexus around for a number of years.

Have to say, wish I'd plumped for the Clio when I had the choice of company car. Its so much fun, nimble beyond belief and translates exactly what my mind wants to do on to the road and I can get 38-40+ mpg on a motorway run on cruise control.

Compared to others within its group it does win hands down. Whoever harped on about the type R having more extra's needs to take a look at both cars again! Mind you, who wants a wally behind the wheel of a Clio? Dangerous springs to mind!

Anyway I could harp on all day about this little baby!

Go for it!

6th Jun 2005, 06:18

There is no way a c2 VTR can keep up with a 172 or 182. Either they were not trying or it wasn't even a cliosport.

7th Jun 2005, 04:56

I am picking up my Renault Clio sport cup today. Have swopped my mx5 1.8 sport for it. Can't wait. Test drive went like a dream so signed straight away. Got a great deal. 11500 new car from a local Renault dealer. Having the racing stripes put on so look out!

30th Sep 2005, 10:15

I have a question. I just bought a Peugeot 206 RC and in my opinion it is a fast car. I never thought of a Clio. So which is fatser? Personally I like the RC looks, but I just want to know which is faster... As for the Type R, bit expensive and not that much extra power, and handling isn't that important... How do I know? I had one and just changed to an RC... So help guys.

4th Jan 2006, 08:37

Peugeot are slow, not even in the same league, a zetec-s is more your league.

17th Jan 2006, 16:46

I own a 182. The CTR is marginally quicker round a track, but we are talking about a fraction of a second on any given lap. Hardly anything to get excited about. The Clio is also not built as well, that is true to say.

However, the CTR is quite miserly on the spec compared to a 182, and the Clio is a much better bargain as a second hand buy - I got mine for 10k from a dealer with 5k miles (1 year old) on the clock. Most of the CTR's were 3 years old and had 40k+ on, and still have less kit.

The Clio is also known to be a bit more fun to drive also. The decision was a no brainer for me.

3rd Mar 2006, 15:07

Great comment above from the Peugeot owner and big respect for being honest. It`s not very often on the interweb that people are that honest. Usually people go overboard and hate to admit that rival cars are worthy of praise. The 182 deserves every ounce of praise given to it. Likewise with the older 205 Gti, after all these years Peugeot never quite came up with a successor, almost in the great little 106 Gti, but not quite. Owning both must be ace!! I have a feeling Renault will have the same problems replacing the fantastic 182 and it may take some years to build a worthy successor, if at all being as smaller cars now seem to be getting bigger. So if you want a great example of a modern hot hatch then grab a 182, it may be a while before we see anything as good in the small hot hat arena!

31st Mar 2006, 05:14

I took your advice and bought one of the last 182s built, it has both cup packs fitted and I see it as a future classic. Off the mark it is so quick, the traction is superior to any other front wheel drive I've been in, and the handling is awesome, it has very high limits of adhesion.

I have been really driving the car, throwing it round bends and so far the stability control has not had to step in, this is a sign of a very well sorted chassis.

Full marks to Renault, and if the next Clio 197 is as good to drive then it will be my next car, but my prediction is that it will fall short of the mark, but later a trophy or cup model will be launched and that will be worth buying.

1st Apr 2006, 12:37

Problem is, the 197 is going to weigh the same as a small semi detached house! The new Clio is such a tub of lard - the top spec models are getting on for 1200kg. About the same as an old shape Mondeo or Vectra!

The 197 won't match the 172/182 for fun, even if they somehow make it quick enough. It's just too much of a bloater.