1998 Renault Extra 1.9 diesel from UK and Ireland


Nothing has ever gone wrong with the van.

General Comments:

Bought the Extra in 2013, sorted out the coolant fan, new front springs and MoT. Been driving it all over England for the past 2 years without any issues... 50 MPG, great driver, only issue is water ingress under the driver's floor mat.

Very straightforward to work on, simple CAV injection pump, wind up windows, nothing high tech about these vans.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2015

1998 Renault Extra 575 Prima 1.9 n/a F8Q from UK and Ireland


A good van for the price of a new laptop..


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

This car was sitting on a used car dealer lot here in Leicester, marked up at £895 with a fresh MOT. A few months went by and it was sitting in the corner being very unloved. I needed a clean, presentable van as I am a computer repair pro, no heavy loads or massive motorway crunching required, and good space to add my company logo's etc. So I asked the owner to fire it up, battery was dead, jumper box added, it fired up but with a HUGE plume of smoke! After the test drive, it ran reasonably well, a little agricultural gear change but it went well. So for the deal, I went in with my size 10's, and said that my best and only offer of £400, take it or leave it. He took it.

Since that time I have flushed the radiator, which was new, but gunk was in the expansion bottle, my local independent Renault specialist allayed my fears of any impending head gasket failure, £40 for the flush and away I went.

Well, what an absolute joy and the best £400 I've spent in a LONG, LONG time. Parts for the Renault 5 derived van are ridiculously cheap. The F8Q diesel motor is no screamer, but with 65 ish bhp, it returns 50 plus mpg on a run.

No power steering, but it came with alarm, immobiliser and remote central locking.

The vinyl stickers on the van (which is bright red) look good, and does its job of advertising my services.

This year has been really cold, and it starts every time, no cranking, it starts on the button.

My only negative point is the heater on these are REALLY POOR, it's the same for all of them, it eventually warms up, but other than that it has done me proud, and for the money in these difficult times, I really can't complain.

My plan is to keep it presentable and drive it into the ground. The MOT is due in 6 months; I've been driving it for almost 4 months and it serves me well.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2010

10th Aug 2010, 05:12

I agree, the French were onto a winner with all the Renault 5 derivatives. The cars were great, so were the vans. Simple, easy to work at, under stressed engines, carburetors, injection pumps. All were so straightforward. Easy to MOT, light to work at, and not too rusty.

Why can't we have vehicles like these today?

2nd Dec 2013, 06:57

I agree, I love mine.

I wonder if you can help me? I am looking for a driver's side (offside) engine mount for my Renault Extra Prima diesel van (1994) 1595cc.

Is anyone not using their van any more, or know where I can get the part for this? Renault have stopped stocking this item.

If you can help or spread the word, that would be great.

You can email me at dqnc@me.com.


30th Aug 2014, 00:31

Years ago there used to be a product that was like rubber in a tin. I think it was called Devcon. Anyhow, there was a tin of it at work that was past its use-by date, so one of the blokes made a rubber mallet out of it! Presumably it could also be used to make other things such as engine mounts. I think it is quite expensive, but if a tin of it saves a vehicle from the scrapyard, it's not expensive at all! Good luck!

1st Feb 2016, 07:07

Heater problem:

If the cabin heating does not work well and it takes a long time to heat, the thermostat is opening at the incorrect temperature.

Check the temperature on the head by putting a thermometer on it. It should be 95 Celsius when fully warmed up if the thermostat is functioning properly.

It's easy to change it and parts are cheap on eBay.

The heater will then get nice and toasty and the engine will run better.

Panayis Zambellis

1997 Renault Extra Prima 575 1.9 N/A diesel from UK and Ireland


A tough little workhorse. I'm very happy!


Leaks water into the cabin in heavy rain.

Slight drip from the radiator, fixed with sealant.

Rear wheel bearing needed replaced.

General Comments:

I bought this wee van to replace my Santana Jeep. Also the lower insurance was a bonus, and I have more use for a van than for a normal car.

Also, they seem to be cheaper than the equivalent models from other manufacturers.

Performance is very good, certainly it has enough torque to leave small hatchbacks at the lights, and even when loaded to over maximum weight, it still feels unstressed, if a little vague. It also seems to prefer biodiesel to normal pump diesel.

Tyre wear is extremely good, and it steers like its R5 brother, nimble if a little heavy.

Unfortunately, the cabin leaks in the rain, through a gap between the door and the shell, and through the windscreen rubber, fixed with sealant and duct tape.

Economy is good despite the cube shape, about 45mpg, giving 400 plus miles to a tank.

Biggest niggle is road noise, it's quite intrusive over 50mph, also the van weaves in side winds.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2006

7th Dec 2006, 15:07

Quick update on the Extra.

The radiator has finally failed after 8 months with sealant in it, just under £70 for a new one, I did a service at 144000 miles, and it needed an engine mount (£34) and a wishbone (£26) for MOT, apart from that it keeps running with monotonous reliability, apart from the remote central locking which one day decided not to ever work again.

Just under 150000 on it and it seems ready to do it all again.