2004 Renault Kangoo Authentique 1.5 DCI diesel from UK and Ireland


Great engine, great practicality, slightly French reliability...


Cam belt replaced.

Power steering pump replaced at 114,000 miles.

CV joint on the way out.

Temperamental central locking.

Rear suspension torsion bars currently broken.

General Comments:

A practical car as far as internal space and adaptability go, very easy to clean, turns from a van to a car in seconds.

The 1.5 DCI engine is great, very nippy, good on the motorway and very economical. A warning light came on a while ago apparently showing a problem with one of the injectors. The garage reset the computer and it hasn't come on since, so maybe just an electrical glitch. No obvious problems with the engine driving-wise.

I think I've gotten used to dependable, cheap and cheerful Japanese engineering, and I'm maybe being a little hard on the Kangoo, it has done 120,000 miles after all, but I have a feeling reliability could be an issue at this stage in its life!

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Review Date: 25th October, 2014

26th Feb 2015, 22:52

Loss of power, Kangoo van 1.5 dCi 2007 plate.

Mechanics were saying EGR valve, mass sensor fault code. Replaced both, and still the same. Sent the parts back.

A mechanic from Stafford (Phil) came 15 minutes later. Fault found - a blocked conduction pipe from the EGR valve. A £65 pound charge.

Thanks to Phil for his expertise and no waffle. Problem solved. 4 minutes, 2 bolts to disconnect the pipe.

2004 Renault Kangoo Authentique 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Versatile, but with reliability issues


Coil went on way to work at 50k miles, and the car stopped on the road. Had to ring the AA to recover, and had to wait a week for a new coil to be fitted.

Catalytic converter went at 70k miles; had to limp home at 20 mph due to loss of power for 70 miles. €800 for a new one, but got a spurious one for €200, which did the job fine.

Water pump housing cracked and started leaking water at 80k miles. Replacement cost about €100 in total, but I'm lucky the engine didn't overheat, as it lost most of its coolant.

Back door always slammed hard into the body when closing, as the struts offered little resistance.

Electric windows very slow, but didn't stop working.

Safety device to keep the back doors closed when filling with petrol gave trouble, in that the doors were staying locked after closing the petrol cap, and then it stopped working altogether.

General Comments:

Plus points:

Very spacious car, and very versatile, as it could be used as a car or van very easily.

The car felt solid on the road, and handled well.

Plenty of extras, with remote steering controls and remote locking etc.

High driving position.

Minus points:

The car was slow and under-powered; felt like you were carrying a load all the time, as the weight of the car was too much for the 1.2 engine.

Suspension was hard and felt like a van to drive.

Usual Renault unreliability issues.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2012

2004 Renault Kangoo Ice 1.5 Tdi from Italy


Good carrier, fitting an open air life-style


New vehicle (3.000 Km in a month)... So far nothing wrong (hopefully), some vibration near the plate lights... going to ask the dealer to fix it next week.

General Comments:

Very cozy, ample space, easy to drive even in rough situations (narrow roads, dirt tracks etc).

Overtaking is quite good, even on highway (the engine - 82 CV - is quite generous)

Interiors are basic... internal lights are not easy and safe to reach while driving; windows commands (?) are hard to find at the beginning... not very well located.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2004

2004 Renault Kangoo ICE 1.2 from Italy


A good compromise for price v performance


New vehicle :- no faults at time of compiling this entry. However after 165,000 k.m. and 4 years my old vehicle

Developed a leak around the aerial.

Foam in drivers seat started to crumble (probably due to my 130 kg's body weight!)

Petrol pump developed a load humming noise.

Black border on windscreen turned white due to ingress of water.

General Comments:

The interior is generously dimensioned, but is basic.

Overtaking needs to be planned in advance with the 1.2 engine.

Ample space for dog/wife/shopping.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2004

2004 Renault Kangoo 4x4 1.9 diesel from France


Comfortable, capable load carrier with few frills


Rear sliding doors don't close if it is too cold. If the temp goes below 0 the mechanism looses it's flexibility and the door either won't open or if it does, won't close.

This is a known problem according to the man in the Renault dealership.

General Comments:

Comfortable seats and great visibility.

Easily carried skiing gear and skis. Good sized storage lockers and cubby holes.

Could do with a turbo on the diesel. But a good ride and 4x4 gives good stability on snowy roads.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2004

6th Aug 2004, 01:57

Just waiting to place an order for a Renault Kangoo 4x4..., until it comes with a turbo-diesel AND automatic gear! This would be the 'killer' caravan tow-car of the Year for small and mid-size caravans (up to 1300 kg). It would have high torque in low RPM due to the Diesel engine characteristics. It would have high torque due to the turbo above 2000 RPM. It would have even more torque due to the automatic gearbox (fluid) clutch and smooth starting in difficult terrain!

This would pay off at slippery grass ramps, snow, mud and steep grit roads. Yes, A VW Passat 4Motion with 2.5 liter TDI does this all..., however at a price and performance overkill.

Where is the light-weight, friendly-prized alternative?