1994 Renault Laguna RT Sports 2.0 from UK and Ireland


An excellent family car


I have owned this car for almost 4 years. Two years ago I had a slight bang with another car. Since this time the car started to misfire. The local Renault dealer could not identify the reason only that it was misfiring. To date this year, I have spent £800 on the car for repairs and still it is breaking down. New starter motor, new TDC sensor and plugs and leads. New starter motor again, New coil and propose new Ignition Module perhaps now a new computer. To date it has broken down 7 times for me. This time however, the garage say it will cost another £600 to repair for a new computer. Surely, the garage could identify the exact cause as I am paying for what they think it may be as apposed to what it wrong with the car. Does or has anyone else had similar problems with their Laguna either cutting out/stalling etc. My car still will not start and the garage are clueless as to what the cause is. I would be very grateful for comments?

General Comments:

I love my Laguna to drive and for my family. I only wish these things were not so complicated to sort out.

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Review Date: 25th December, 2003

31st Jan 2004, 15:39

Sounds like you might just have a bit of a bad earth somewhere, It may be worth sticking a new or additional earth lead from the battery to the engine.

9th Feb 2005, 04:36

Think you should get an autoelectrician to have a look at the immobiliser. Could also be a dodgy terminal on the battery, if there's a slight lapse of current the immobiliser could turn on.

29th Mar 2005, 05:51

I have a RT -94. It kept stalling and cutting out. Mid M25 is not a good place for that. My garage identified one or two sensors that the computer claimed needed changing. Something to do with the injection. The garage cleaned them and I had no more problems.

20th Jun 2005, 08:22

IT Sounds like your got a bad earth.

Try giving the nuts a clean. this can help. or it may be the immobiliser.

8th Jan 2007, 07:05

Hey mate.

Take your car to Lucas theyll have a look at your air flow meter quite a common fault on the laguna.

7th Sep 2010, 06:53

I have a 94 MK1 Laguna and the washer and wipers have stopped working both back and front.

Any ideas? Help.

1994 Renault Laguna RT 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Great All Rounder


I have only owned the car for a few months, but will add an update once I have had it a bit longer. The car was a trade-in, and had a few visible faults, but with a comprehensive service history with such high miles, I thought I would take the risks. The faults when I got it were a power steering leak, a rattling noise on idle and the sunroof was not operating. The leak was fixed by tightening a loose joint, the rattle was fixed by tightening the exhaust heat shield, and the sunroof was inoperable because of a blown fuse, which was also fixed. After these initial faults were fixed, in 9000 miles the only other problem was the water pump, which was leaking. This was discovered when my mechanic was changing the timing belt, so he fixed that at the same time. The belt change and water pump cost £90.

General Comments:

I think the car still looks fresh, with the dark metallic grey paint on my car. There was a chip in the headlamp and the rear taillamp, but these were both replaced by parts from the scrapyard (£30). The paint does scratch easily. After ownership of my 21 (which was a fantastic and underrated car) I was very impressed with the fit and finish of my Laguna, which was something the 21 lagged behind in compared to its rivals of the time.

The interior is incredibly durable, and the velour seats extremely comfortable, especially over long distances. Its easy to get comfortable because of all the adjustments you can make to the seat and the steering wheel. At 6'1 the headroom is acceptable, but not fantastic.

Mechanically speaking, I feel the car has been branded with an unfair reputation for reliability which is down to high costs and poor service at Renault dealers. Find yourself a trustworthy independent garage, and you will not have a problem with repair bills.

The performance of the car also seems to have gained mixed feelings judging by the reviews on this website. If you use the gears, the car will perform well, but this will seriously harm the economy. Be light footed, and the car is surprisingly economical, especially on the motorway. The 1.8 unit in mine is a fine engine, and is more than capable of powering the car.

Value for money is excellent, with the RT being second from the bottom of the range, but is certainly well equipped, with everything you would expect from something closer to the top of the range!

The boot is a good size, and will easily swallow most loads.

My overall opinion is that a properly maintained Laguna is no more or less reliable than most other family cars of the time. I think it has the edge over most comparable cars because of superior comfort and equipment. I really enjoy my Laguna.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2003

6th Oct 2003, 09:00

Update: owned the car another few months now. No problems to report except that the heater is not working (air blows fine, but will not get hotter when your turn the dial) this has been traced by my mechanic to a blocked heater matrix, apparently an issue on Lagunas and some other Renaults. Quite a big repair actually, part of the dashboard has to be removed. Luckily I don't have air con, which involves the removal of the whole dashboard. A new matrix itself is only about £50, but the labour for the job will be at least £100! Also, the battery and stop light came on the dash, thought the alternator was shot, but turned out to be a loose connection on the battery which I tightened by hand. Problem solved!

23rd Apr 2008, 03:29

I have a 1994 model which is still up and running, the only thing is I need a new set of front headlamps as I was told the reflectors are not effective. Any ideas anyone, how I can improve this condition without having to buy a new set.