1996 Renault Laguna RT 1.8 8v from UK and Ireland


Good car overall - very comfy!


Immobiliser broke at 90,000.

Gearbox blew up at 88,000.

Ignition coil broke at 106,000.

General Comments:

Superb comfort for it class, cheap to buy now, the seats seem to eat you up!

Powerful enough when you need it, although I found it was a bit slower with a full tank of petrol!

Cruises superbly at 70-100 on the motorway, not that I ever took it up past 70! honest ;-)

Reliability was OK, as said immobiliser broke costing £280.

Ignition coil went that was only £40.

Brake hose required for mot was only £18.

Gearbox had gone just before I owned the car, and had been replaced with a re-conditioned unit.

Worst expense was petrol as I only really used it around town; £10 of fuel would last about 60 miles, but on the motorway that £10 would do up to double that, around 110-120 miles!

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Review Date: 6th September, 2007

1996 Renault Laguna RN 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Massively better than its reputation would suggest


Electrical faults: clock stopped working, rear wash-wipe doesn't work.

Radiator replaced (@90,000 miles)

Power steering fluid pipe replaced (@80,000 miles)

Consumables replaced (1x front and rear exhaust pipes, 3x tyres) in 7 years.

Nothing except these maintenance issues. Never had to change even a bulb.

General Comments:

A revelation: comfortable; RELIABLE, economical; spacious; good-looking.

Not as refined as rivals (eg. Mondeo, 406) but efficient and comfortable.

I owned for 7 years and it was extremely reliable. Had to get rid because I live near the sea and the salt air eventually corroded the underside of vehicle. The engine was still in perfect working order.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2006

1996 Renault Laguna RXE Estate 2.2 diesel from Poland


Spacey and comfortable, but no racing car


Typical problem - front brake pads and disks are getting worn pretty quickly.

The transmission needed bearings replacement when I bought it.

Engine oil change intervals are short (frequent change required)

General Comments:

Pretty reliable, however requires regular maintenance to keep it in a good running condition.

Very spacey and comfortable - no problem to carry a family of 5 with lots of luggage.

The only disadvantage for long travelling - it is too noisy - particularly for motorway driving (e.g. while exceeding 100 km/h - ca. 60 mph)

Overall maintenance is not cheap (mainly due to rather expensive spare parts & accessories + frequent service needed) in my opinion.

And of course the 2.2 diesel non-turbo engine does not offer you impressive performance (86 HP), but is sufficient to keep it moving forward :-)

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Review Date: 10th August, 2006

1996 Renault Laguna RT Estate 2.2 from UK and Ireland


Very good second hand reliable runner


Not much. Apart from the usual expected things of phase 1 laguna's;

Clock had gone before I had car.

Radio reception not good.

Fuel gauge, is enigmatic when nearly empty. Sits on red-line for 30-50 miles.

Other than that only age and end of life of components has made ownership of this car a slight concern. I tend to replace before things wear out so I sometimes pay out too early for things.

General Comments:

Caveats first. My car was ex-fleet from two companies. So it had a full service and complete service history to 180000+ miles. I know though it was hammered by the company I bought from. Still, I knew them.

It still returns 44-50mpg when driving to speed limit (B P Ultimate diesel(high end formula of diesel in England) returns 10 percent better mpg, in my opinion).

Mpg is poor in town, so are many other vehicles.

Suspension is great still.

All have found it comfortable to sit in.

Bags of space, bit of a cavern.

Low maintenance costs.

Good handling.

Slight understeer (but tyres do make a difference).

Looks set for 250,000 plus miles.

Good for driving across Europe. I have done over 10,000+ miles in EU countries with it. Baltic sea and back. Alps and back.

On french auto route it can sit at 110mph in comfort for hundreds of miles. Quite illegal. But very useful.

Very little acceleration.

End note. All I can say, they are cheap to buy, and if they have been serviced; it runs fine and is cheap to run.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2005